Commentary and Philosophy Poetry posted July 17, 2016

This work has reached the exceptional level
finding a way out of the maze

riddle tree

by mfowler

riddle tree


she lived in riddle tree
where tangled tunes of this and that
played mushy in her head
she knew somehow
that past the tips
beyond the spread
of branch and twig
lay truth
so clear she'd know
its glow
and not this tangled web
in riddle tree
her mind
her ways
followed fruit and fictive flowers
along the limbs in daylight hours
where women did what women do
and all behaved
like people should
so said her dad      her teachers too
media ghosts and fashion clues
the god of rules and longer views
the poisonous looks and evening news
she'd find the way
if she only could
she lived in riddle tree
where tangled tunes of this and that
puzzled her with scrambled thoughts
and answers seemed to hardly fit
the questions asked
which seemed quite wrong
were posed as right
this crazy song
and so at night
when black came out
she climbed in ways
not shown before
along the limbs in search
of light
no muddled tunes
to rock her perch
and there it was
in fulsome glow
a simple self
just right
the riddle tree had lost its load
now branches lead
to all that glows



All our lives we build a view of self based on influences as diverse as what the kid next door said about us, and TV ads. Within the jumble of mixed messages people find a way of being. Much of our ambition, concern, fears and behaviours are shaped by these things. In order to be the unique, perfect individual we are created as, it pays to divest oneself of the dross and discover our true self. It's a sorting process but a wonderful journey of true discovery.
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