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my hope is built on

Amazing Grace

by flylikeaneagle

My hope is built on nothing less than the Amazing Grace! I have seen Jesus in the eyes of
my precious Father, Raphael, and in my Mother, Agnes. Hard working and caring Americans
who loved helping others and raised my brother, Dave, and I with love and Christian values.

My parents came to visit us in Dallas, Texas, where Dave and I lived. Dad thought Dallas was extremely hot in the summers. (Some of you fans can relate to the 105 degree days of the summer heat with air pollution days.) Dad wanted to stay in the cooler state of North Dakota. He had friends and his routine of walking around the shopping malls and grocery stores. So, we had to go up north to visit my folks.

John and I sold high end clothing and started a family. We would go sailing on Lake Ray Hubbard, east of Dallas, Texas. We spent time with my brother's family as his family grew. Busy lives meant fewer trips up north to see my parents.

I got a phone call from Mom to fly north and come home, NOW. I booked the flight with my daughters, Monica and Annie. We flew into Chicago and had an overnight layover. The plane had computer issues so we stayed the night.

While my daughters were sleeping, I opened up the Gideon Bible. Jesus appeared to me as The Amazing Grace in scripture. He guided me as I wept for my Father. I felt peace from the Prince of Peace fall upon me. I read Psalm 103 for my Father. Grief is hard to go through and the Prince was preparing me.

The airline gave us vouchers for food. My daughters and I bought muffins and nuts for the trip home to Fargo, North Dakota. I was overwhelmed with the family and friends that gathered. My Dad loved music. The five cousins: Andrea, Michael, Daniel, Monica and Annie got to sing songs to Raphael, my Dad. I sang the Hallelujah chorus to Dad. My Mom wept. She didn't know that I could sing.

Raphael fell onto the floor from a sudden stroke to the head. He was in hospice for a week. Dad died while we were gathered in a circle around him. The Amazing Grace had me lead to pray the Lord's Prayer for Dad. All of our family in the circle said this prayer. I sang the Lord's Prayer to Dad as were in a circle around His bed.

I prayed the Matthew 7:7 prayer of "ask, seek, knock". I "asked," that Dad could have a white horse that Jesus rode. The white horses in Revelation have God's special military men ride with Jesus as they win the victory. I "seeked," that we would all meet one day again in Heaven. I "knocked," at the doors of opportunity that I could walk with Jesus as my Father did.

Raphael took his last breath as we split up after the prayers. My Mom told me that Dad was a chaplain for the vets. He prayed the Lord's prayers for the military vets as they were buried. After praying The Lord's prayers, Dad and the guys could go home. This time at the hospital, my Father went home to Heaven.

The Catholic church was filled with friends and family as we said our good byes. Grief was hard on me since I was close to my Father. He was always there for me, now Dad was gone.
We all sang "Amazing Grace," for Raphael during the services.

I had a dream after Dad died. I dreamt that I was in Heaven and called up to receive a gift. Jesus handed me a small gold box with beautiful glowing ribbons. Inside the beautiful box was a charm bracelet with a gold charm of a sandal. My destiny was to walk like Jesus on earth as both Fathers, Raphael and Jesus, walked.

My hope is in nothing less than the Amazing Grace. My eyes look to the hills for help. My help comes from the Lord. I sang in an eighty-person choir in Richardson Church of the Nazarene, near Dallas. We were told to swing while we sang. I felt like I was dancing in Heaven with Jesus while I sang praise songs. The jazz band played music while we sang for two services on Sundays.

This Nazarene church opened up the Bible to my daughters and me. The Word came alive as I started to write. Jesus spoke words of love to me and I shared these messages with others.

Monica, Annie and I met a neighbor, Anita, and her son, Davy. She accepted us as her family. We explored Dallas-Ft. Worth together with money no object. Anita paid the bills as we went to water parks, gardens and movies. We went to the swimming pools and parks when it was my turn, free no object. We were invited to join VBS (Vacation Bible School), at the Heights, Southern Baptist church with Anita and Davy.

I joined another Southern Baptist church and attended the Bible study of Hebrews. The teacher asked me to study the life of Paul at her home. At the Nazarene church, we were in Bible studies and VBS events. I studied the Word every day at two churches for three years.

My daughters and I swam and worked out at two health clubs. I wanted to become a certified group fitness instructor. While I studied, a lady told me a scripture to grab onto to help me. This was Isaiah 41:10. "Don't panic, I am with you. There's no need to fear for I'm your God. I'll give you strength. I'll help you. I'll hold you steady, keep a firm grip on you." The Message.

I gained strength as I said this scripture and learned more scriptures. I felt the presence of The Amazing Grace as I prayed for my Father, Raphael. I danced with Jesus while singing praises in church. I enjoyed family love when Anita and I connected with our children and explored Dallas.

I feel that the Amazing Grace is watching over His children as we learn to trust in Him. We need to learn how to love God, others and ourselves. Listen to the voice of The Lord as he reaches out to help you with His Mighty Hand. God will hold you and wipe away the tears. Our Nations can heal and walk in peace. Learn from the Prince of Peace. See the face of The Amazing Grace! God bless!

My Hope is Built on... writing prompt entry
Writing Prompt
When you say to yourself or others, "My hope is built on..." and you answer the "... " with this question:
What holds you fast (or did), anchors you, when your life did or does begin to fall apart for either you and or your family?


Write about the topic above, which is:

"My hope is built on..."

In short story form using 1,000 to 2,000 words; write about a time when your hope was confirmed, how, and what happened.

The story can be non-fiction, or fiction.

AMAZING GRACE by Judy Collins

"Amazing Grace how sweet the sound
that saved a wretch like me.
I once was lost but now I'm found
was blind but now I see.
'Two's grace that taught my heart to fear
and grace my fear relieved.
How precious did that grace appear
the hour I first believed.
When we've been there ten thousand years
bright shining as the sun,
We've no less days to sing God's praise
then when we first begun.
Amazing Grace, how sweet the sound
that saved a wretch like me.
I once was lost, but now I'm found
was blind, but now I see."
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