War and History Fiction posted June 29, 2016

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A war at hand will never stop me.

A Sacrificing Disguise

by Aqua2021

War Contest Winner 
Thousands are dead, there are only a few doctors. We need more help or we have lost this war. I turned off the T.V. I wanted to fight in the war, I had read books on how to fly the fighter planes hoping one day, I would have the chance to. I hoped that one day the government wouldn't discriminate against men and women and let women fight in the war. They were so dire to bring anyone, they were dropping ages down to 15 to let people come, anybody but women. "Have you got news from dad?" I asked my mom. I got the same response, like every day. "No, I'm sorry Rowan." I could tell my mom was anxious as well. The war needed as much help and there wasn't any time for soldiers to come back home. I felt useless sitting at home watching the T.V., seeing others sacrifice their lives. After weeks of ruminating, I was done. I was going alone to the war disguised as a man. I tucked my hair under a hat, put a fake beard on, wore suspenders, work boots and headed out the door. I walked down to the harbor and stood in line for a ticket. I needed to cross the waters before I could get on to war grounds. After getting a ticket, I waited for the next ship and got on. All of the people onboard were men. I stood at a corner, a lot of people were staring at me. "Look him, "someone mumbled and started laughing. I didn't pay attention and looked outside. The ship stopped abruptly and everyone got into a line, so I did too. We walked onto war grounds, I made it. I was here. I walked toward the stands to get my weapons. The man handed me a gun and gave me a cold stare in the eye and smirked. I walked onto the grounds, I looked back into the waters and saw land far away. In the distance, I saw the fighter planes. Men were getting in them and flying off. One by one they went off. I looked around to see if I could spot my dad, but there were too many people everywhere. "Excuse me, do you know anyone by the name of Steve Hemler?" I asked one of the men at the stands. "Oh yes, he passed away a couple months ago," he told me. I walked away heartbroken, I looked up at the war. I needed to fight and help us win this war. I was going to do it for my dad and all the other soldiers who had died fighting. I looked at the planes and started walking towards them and got in. I remembered the books I had read and pushed the handle. I was off driving my first plane in this war. I was doing it for my dad, for my family, for this country.

Writing Prompt
Write a story where a character is in war or is about to be in war. Fiction or non-fiction.

Contest Winner

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