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They Never Want You To Sleep

Tired! Go Away!

by country ranch writer

Seems lately that is all my master wants to do is run and play. All I want to do is chill out! My name is Susie and I am not ashamed to tell everyone I love to chill. My master's owners have central air and all that fancy stuff. I have been with Josh from the start or should say before he was born.
I was the princess of the palace back then, If I felt like going for a walk I'd grab them by the wrist and tug or I would bark out my request in dog language. My sharpest bark meant business! Not to be ignored or there would be a present on the floor for them. I taught them real fast!

They have me for Josh's protection. What about mine? That boy runs so fast and so quick I can barely keep up with him. This kid is so full of energy, Superman needs some of his energy! I concede to go outside with Josh once in awhile. On;u to keep peace in the family and the whining down to a minimum.

Pretending to let him have his own way puts a smile on his face and it pleases me to make him a happy child. He really is a good kid. His parents need to really spend more time with him.

One day Josh was over behind the barn working away on one of his projects. So I wandered over and crawled up under the bench in the shade to take a nap. Well, this is the day Josh wanted to learn to fly as his dad is a pilot in the air force. Well, that didn't work out so well. Josh spent the evening in the ER and I spent the night in the hot old shed for not watching him better. At least mom did give me food and water. Lesson learned since then, but not forgotten for ever he tried it years later with the same effect. Then he was banned forever till he got out his pilot's license like his dad. That was the proudest moment of my life to see him and his dad together.
Josh's Mom was always in a rush, going here or there to take care of something or another. Josh was left with me for hours on end to watch and some cranky ole lady that was always telling Josh no. I think she was the babysitter.
One day we gave the lady a scare, not meaning to. I was let out to do my business and there has been a squirrel just begging me to play hide and seek. So I gave chase and so did she and Josh. I Kept them busy trying to catch me for half an hour. Boy was I ever scolded good by Josh for wearing the old lady out. Later he and I had a laugh about it up in our room. Josh always let me sleep on the bed. He loved me so much. I would give my life for him.
I learned this morning, my pal Josh is going away to college in the fall. What am I going to do, I will miss him so much and the only time I will get to see him is during the holidays mostly. There will be no time for the walks and talks we used to have. Especially when I would pretend I was sleeping and he was pouring his hopes and dreams out to me in the night. It was such a personal time for us. He knew I would keep his secrets.
Josh was gone for the longest time from home. I missed him so much he was so smart and all grown up now. I don't think he needed me to watch him anymore. He sat me down one day said, "You know you are my best girl right? He squeezed me tight.: He had tears in his eyes. He said, "I have to leave like dad did to go off to war."
Dad and I will be counting on you Susie to take care of mom while we are gone. We know it is a big job, but you can handle it. She will be safe with you because you won't let no one take her away. With this said, Josh's dad called up and said," Well, son we got to be leaving for the airport."
I followed them on down the stairs to say goodbye at the front door, I just had the feeling neither one was coming on back. We were to spend our last days together in this house alone.
Josh's dad, he kneeled down and said, "You are the best Susie take care of my girl for me."

I have fond memories of Josh is growing up and they will always be fresh in my mind. I still snooze time and again as I am not getting any younger. I gave up squirrels and cashing the neighbors new cat. Darn witch clawed me. How rude, I was just trying to make friends with her. So I chased her up a tree. So what?
One day I was sitting looking out the window when I seen a cab pull up and a young woman and a child got out of the car. Josh's mom ran up to her giving her the biggest hug ever. She turned to me and called me, "Come here Susie! I have someone for you to meet."
I inched my way forward and the young lady said wait a minute and took a slip of paper out of her purse and said, "Read this to Susie and the she will understand."
The letter said.

Dear Susie,
I am sorry I couldn't come back to you in person; but me and Dad had to go to the front. Knowing we wouldn't be coming back. I enlisted my wife to bring you something to take care of and cherish the rest of your life. "This is my son Josh. So you see pal, you are just getting the younger version of me. I hope you are up to the challenge!"
I looked up into Vicky's eyes and she smiled and asked me," Are you up to the challenge ole girl?" I was ecstatic Josh had that much faith in me to guard his son. I won't ever forget you Josh.

Susie writing prompt entry
Writing Prompt
Write a story about a dog named Susie who likes to sleep...She likes central air and sleeping on her master's bed..She thinks the sun is too hot so if she's outside she will always find a shady place to sleep...She likes to chase after wild animals and farm animals if you write about her living on a farm...She is very friendly but never goes to or leaves with anyone she doesn't know...

You can tell the story through the owners eyes or the dogs eyes. Its totally up to the author...You can put Susie in any situation you want...just make the story interesting to the reader...use any type of dog you desire...


Susie passed away on Josh Juniors eighteenth birthday.
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