Commentary and Philosophy Poetry posted June 14, 2016

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free verse

Whose Love is Superior?

by michaelcahill


one loves another
another loves one

where is the wrong in that
where is the harmony lost
where does the hate
insinuate itself
and slither in

are colors rivers then
secret waterways concealing 
an ancient evil amphibian
who creeps upon the shore
in the dead of night
up through the stillness of a bog

perhaps a careless woodsman 
carved a lover's name too deeply
in a tree
with too much angst
and the tree was felled
and the river paused
and it was right there
at that very spot
the creature slipped into the night
fishes marveled
reptiles were aghast
as it slinked past in slippery 
silent stealth

and love's good health 
became a thing of jeopardy

was it something invisible
born on the clever breeze

we never did figure out
the magical wind
where did it come from
and just where is it going
and where is it taking the words
I spoke as though they were to be
willy nilly and oh so silly
to parts unknown
in fields I'd just as soon left
unsown and what if the wrong seed
were blown the wrong way 
you see the thinking right away
gets in quite the quandray
so I ask
what is wrong with love

what is that you say
a defined and refined
application of a decent 
revelation that some fancy Dan
once had upon a hill
who said such was so
well shove a stick right in my ear
now that is surely queer
but you say it's written down

well let's get some pitchforks
hell let's get guns
and pass out pictures
this is fun
cause I look like the picture of the one
you say is fine
and I can love just like I want to anyway
I'm right in line

but still it seems so wrong
to kill everyone who
won't belong
to the little club
some someone said
somewhere was law
there's got to be a flaw

maybe we should just leave everyone alone
and stay with who we chose
and let love be love
what's there to lose

or am I the one who's crazy
but it seems to me ...

every angry word
and sideways glance
and little laugh
and superior stare of some arrogant
tool who thinks they have the answer
like the dancing prancing fool that passes 
judgment as the ignorant masses listen
poisoning the simple minded throngs
of listless followers with no convictions
formed that do the bidding of whomever
has the loudest voice they have no choice
for none they'll make and if that means
hating and if that means killing then by God
that is surely what they'll do so you better
listen to me when you write a word in black and
white for any one to read for when you add
them all together someone gets a gun and starts
to shoot and then the blood that pours out 
comes trickling slowly back and yes my friend it
flows right back to you.

So maybe you should think before you hate and write
another word that helps decide the fate of someone
innocent who's done not a thing to harm or hassle you.

What right is that you've come to think you have to
spread your hate and vile beliefs across the universe
could it be that you think the world and everyone belongs
to you ... your words are hurting people
does it matter to you

freedom of speech does not include
hurting people
damaging people

stop writing hurtful things
stop making fun of people
just because
      you don't approve
It isn't up to you

stop judging people
It isn't up to you

stop supporting people
who hurt people and judge them
you are just as guilty

why not write about love
why not support positive writing
why not support writing that exposes hate

it's a shame that innocent people die
but make no mistake
they died because of hate
and anyone who spreads hate
helped kill them

that's my view

you're welcome to ignore me
mute me
I can't keep it to myself

love to everyone



A couple friends suggested I listen to music and then write what occurs to me. I did that and liked doing it. So, I do it from time to time. I suggest listening to the music as you read, that's what I did. But, I know it's a distraction to many, so do as you will. It's up to you, of course. :)) These are my views, I'm not trying to change anyone's thinking ... well, in this case, I am.

Maybe just listen to the music and imagine people of all kinds smiling and in love and dream of a world where that is a good thing. Then decide that this WILL be that kind of world. Love to the LGBT community and all people.

Pays one point and 2 member cents.

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