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love can be happy and clean

A chapter in the book Spiritual Work

An Answered Prayer

by Teri7

Christian Romance Story Contest Winner 
Mary looked around her room as her eyes slowly begin to open. She saw the pictures in her room that were so dear to her heart.The one that kept her attention so long was of her long lost boyfriend, John. He had left her only due to injuries sustained in battle, in other words he died. She remembered the night he gave his heart to God and made Jesus his savior forever. That was the happiest day of her life.

Reaching down, she pet her cat Fluffy as it meowed sweetly. The sun was shining so brightly on this Memorial day. Getting dressed she carefully chose her pretty clothes for the day. Hopping in her car, she headed to the grocery store for some nonperishable things to make do for now.

As she walked into the store a very handsome guy caught her eye. In fact it was John, the pharmacist.

His dark hair and beautiful deep brown eyes had always been a pleasant thing to look at when she went to pick up things for her mom, before she died. John had always been so kind and good to her. She heard that he and his former girlfriend had broken up.

She took a step toward him with a bright smile on her face.

"Good morning, John. How are things going with you?"

John heard the sweet voice and immediately turned around to face her.

"Hey there, Mary. I've been thinking about you, believe it or not. How are you doing today?"

"I can't complain myself. The sun is shining and Jesus takes care of me so I'm a happy person."

"That's what I like about you. You are always so upbeat and positive and you love the Lord. You are the kind of person I need in my life. What do you say we spend some quality time together?"

Mary looked dreamily at him and said, "I think that would be a great thing to do. It has crossed my mind a few times also."

John remembered the times Mary had been in to pick up medicine for her mother, and when her boyfriend had died. She was so devastated, but she kept on going. Here she was in front of his eyes, even more beautiful than ever.

"Mary, do you think we could go past some of the informality and truly start seriously dating?"

Mary's heart begin to flutter as she heard his words.

"John, I think that would be a great idea. We are neither one children. I have always adored and respected you. I guess you could say I have always loved you from afar!

As John saw Mary turn around to pay for her items, he quickly stepped in front of her and said, "How about we catch a movie tomorrow night?"

Mary faced him and said, "I thought you'd never ask!"

With that conversation behind them, it started a whole new outlook on life for both of them.

Christian Romance Story
Contest Winner

Thanks to angel heart for the great art work.
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