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A children's rhyming story

Major LeDuc Heads For Town

by Kazzawin

One sunny morning up early and bright,
Major LeDuc thinks the day is just right.
He ruffles his feathers, then brushes them down.
Picks up his baton and heads for the town.

Mrs LeDuc sees him off on his way,
And his five little ducklings wave gaily away,
As Major LeDuc splashes out of the pond,
And over the marsh for the journey beyond.

He reaches the higgledy piggledy path
Where he comes to a halt as he stifles a laugh.
For there on his back with his feet in the air,
Is Mr G-Goose. "Is anyone there?"

Cries Mr G-Goose with alarm in his voice,
"I'm not here on purpose, I'm not here by choice,
Please help me, I'm stuck in the mud can't you see?
I'm wet and I'm mucky and want to be free!"

" LeDuc to the rescue!" shouts Major LeDuc,
"I'm here quite by chance, so you're really in luck.
Hold on to my baton," he says to G-Goose
Who grips very hard as LeDuc pulls him loose.

"Oh, Major LeDuc thank goodness you're here,
I really thought I would be stuck there all year!
Now come, you must join me for buttercup wine,
And we'll chat whilst I dry and then maybe we'll dine."

"No thanks," says LeDuc, "I really can't stay,
I'm off to the town so I'll be on my way.
I'm sure you'd feel better," he said with a laugh,
"If you made your way home and climbed into a bath."

And so after saying Goodbye to his friend,
LeDuc takes the path that goes right round the bend.
Past fields and past hedgerows and great bales of hay,
And willowy trees blowing gently away.

Quite soon up ahead he sees an old barn,
Attached once, it seems, to a tumbledown farm.
The roof is half gone and the door's off its hook,
And Major LeDuc thinks "I'll just take a look."

"My, my!" thinks LeDuc as he walks through the door,
"I think I saw movement, although I'm not sure
Is anyone there?" He calls out quite dismayed,
And moves forward slowly, a little afraid.

"Just stay where you are!" says a voice from behind,
"I'm armed and I'm not feeling terribly kind."
LeDuc's army training is put to the test,
And he turns with his heart beating hard in his chest.

"N-now l-look here old boy," says LeDuc with alarm,
"Let's talk this thing over, let's try to stay calm."
Then out of his hiding place suddenly appears,
A tiny brown rabbit with long, floppy ears.

"I'm sorry," says Bunny, "It was just a trick
My gun isn't real, just an old wooden stick."
LeDuc starts to laugh, (with relief I might add!)
But he stops when he sees that the bunny's quite sad.

"Oh Dear," says LeDuc,"Don't upset yourself so,
Are you lost or in trouble, have you nowhere to go?
I'm Major LeDuc, I can help, if I may,
But first tell me why you were hidden away."

Well, that little bunny he sat down and cried,
So pleased to find someone who was on his side.
He told the whole story to Major LeDuc,
Who found out why he was so down on his luck.

Apparently, Bunny whilst no one was looking,
Had eaten the biscuits his Mum had been cooking,
And terribly worried that Mother would shout,
He'd fled from the warren before she found out.

He saw the old barn and climbed in out of sight,
Then he went off to sleep and had been there all night!
"Just what to do now, I'm quite at a loss!"
Says Bunny "My Mum will be awfully cross!"

"Come, let us hurry you home," says our friend,
"And bring this unfortunate tale to an end,
Your Mum may be cross but she'll also be glad,
That nothing has happened to her little lad."

So off go our friends in a terrible hurry,
To save Bunny's mother from any more worry.
They slip underground when they find the right door,
And there's Mother Rabbit a-pacing the floor.

Oh, that poor, dear Mother on seeing her son,
Cries thanks to LeDuc for the deed he has done.
Then sobs and hugs Bunny until he's quite wet,
And Bunny says sorry for making her fret.

Well, Major LeDuc is truly delighted,
That Mother and Son have now been reunited.
Then kind Mother Rabbit prepares them all lunch,
Of dandelion stew and some lovely fruit punch.

The Major says "thank you" and tucks in with glee,
Then after he snoozes on Bunny's settee.
He wraps himself up in a warm, fluffy rug,
And slumbers on soundly so cosy and snug.

Now, the Major, he snores. What a racket he makes,
And Bunny's quite pleased when he finally awakes.
"Oh, did I nod off?" asks LeDuc, "Silly me!"
"Don't worry," says Bunny "Mum's making some tea."

And she serves them a tasty and delicious supper,
Then follows it up with a nice hot, strong cuppa,
But then Mother Rabbit just happens to state,
"Goodnight, little Bunny, it's quarter to eight!"

"My Goodness!" LeDuc cries "I must get on home,
My wife and my ducklings are there on their own.
I really must hurry, I really must flee,
I'm sure they are worried and waiting for me!"

He says his Goodbyes and is soon on his way,
Past fields and past hedgerows and great bales of hay.
Past willowy trees that look scary at night,
'Til the higgledy piggledy path is in sight.

He reaches the marsh just as night closes in,
And can see the small home with his family within.
He reaches the door and he opens it wide,
And all of his ducklings are there just inside.

"It's Daddy, it's Daddy!" they cry out with glee,
And Major LeDuc hugs his big family.
He kisses his wife and he sits them all down,
And tells them why he didn't make it to town.

He tells about poor old G-Goose on his back,
And how the thick mud turned his feathers quite black.
But the five little ducks find it really quite funny,
When they hear that their Dad was held up by a bunny!

Then they look at their Daddy with eyes full of fright,
When they find out that Bunny had been out all night!
And gently he tells them to never stray far,
Without letting Mummy know just where they are.

And so as the clock strikes the hour of eleven,
They climb into bed, this tired family of seven.
Then Major LeDuc as he lays his head down.
Sighs, "Maybe tomorrow I'll make it to town."

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I wrote this for my children : )
Thanks to lynnkah for the artwork which I thought appropriate ( even though he is holding an umbrella : ) )
Pays one point and 2 member cents.

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