General Poetry posted May 9, 2016

This work has reached the exceptional level
Inspired by Elvis.

How Would You Like to Be?

by Mark Valentine

Inspired by ELVIS! Contest Winner 
They say you can be anything,
There’s nothing you can’t do.
Hate to burst your bubble kid,
But that’s not really true.

Not all can be an astronaut,
Not all can play pro ball,
And if you’re short, no vitamin
Will make you six feet tall.

Not ev’ry face can grace the front
Of fashion magazines,
And some of what you’ll grow to be’s
Determined by your genes.

Despite life’s limitations though,
Don’t fret, there’s still good news.
There’s something quite important that
Is up to you to choose.

In the end the job you have
Won’t matter, cuz, you see,
The really big decision is,
Not WHAT, but HOW, you’ll be.

Will you be adventurous?
Will you be courageous?
Will you be exuberant?
(I hear that trait’s contagious).

Fearful, forceful, funny, frank,
Phlegmatic, fancy-free;
Do any of these words describe
The way you’d like to be?

How about disgruntled,
Demanding, dark, or distant?
Quirky, jerky, murky, perky,
Irksome, or persistent?

Think about it long and hard -
It matters quite a lot.
Cuz, take away the surface stuff,
And “you” is what you’ve got.

It’s how you are, not how you look,
That really makes you, you.
It’s not the money that you have,
Or who is in your “crew”.

With all your life in front of you,
I hope that you’ll agree,
The most important question is;



Inspired by ELVIS!
Contest Winner


"How Would You Like to Be?" is a kid-friendly, Elvis Song from the movie "It Happened at the World's Fair" - it was one of my favorites as a child. Thanks to Robyn for the contest idea.
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