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The Antichrist (Child of She)

by RGstar

The Antichrist
(Child of She)

The jackal's breath anoints the unblessed
A macabre ballet; purgatory's fest
Midst howling of wolves and stench of fowls
My child, the Antichrist, smiles and scowls

And how great its art when serpents, wield
As men and presidents softly yield
James Earl Ray; the man, 'King,' he would slay
Sirhan, Sirhan, bled 'Kennedy' to grey

I, of woman; its vessel of feed
Mother of life for a demon seed
The pious prince, my womb deceived
Debauched, defiled, thus evil conceived

Year, sixty eight; bright flowers burned red
Vietnam in bloom; pale blossoms all dead
If deemed, hearsay, that evil was part
Let silence surmise my heavy heart

For evil doth run in veins of men
Tis he who would hold, deemed good...till then
And those that seek the deed for own keep
Shall harvest the gold of which fools weep

Unnerve me thus, oh bringer of light
Send arrows, from bows, aligned in flight
Godspeed your aim, alas, pray not wain
For the walker who walks shall reap... again,

I, the harbinger, reel of unrest
The asp beguiles the rose at my breast
Its venom, strong, doth temper my will
A mother's love, it's sanctuary...still

Now, hell, unbound; that scorching of sound
The pendulum swings through circles; round
And, for that which was, shall now become
Where willing souls, to darkness; succumb

Hold fast the door, should evil implore
Turn softly the key for bloodied the gore
A smile beguiled; man's voice in a child
Truths that have lied in eyes that have died

And the cradle doth rock through longest night
Whence, now, doth loom a figure of white
And the air doth crack of sound and sight
Defiant she stands...a guardian of light

Poem of the Month contest entry


I took challenge a write from one of our fanstorians, Waibigoon, (Jeff) who is also a fine arts artist. His artwork depicted above.

A difficult challenge based on the film 'Rosemary's Baby' by Polanski, of which many of you will have seen and experienced the euphoria, of the time, in which 1968 became synonymous a dark period for the various incidents of that year, including a prominent assination...RFK
Many connected, unsurprisingly or surprisingly, depending on your stance, to the birth and aura of the film. The film depicted, quite cleverly, that none could be trusted as evil should not be a synonym for persons in dark cloaks and morbid attire, but family members, priests and close friends who one would hardly be this case, even a husband. The artwork centers around more with the Stargate and 2001 Space Odyssey, which meant so much to even the scholars of now.

My theme is centered around the child, evil and mother, for who is to say where evil starts and where it ends, for even today, the past and its atrocities befall us, as well will always be the contrast between good and evil, darkness and light.

Enjoy, my friends, written for that purpose, and dedicated to the fine work of a fellow fanstorian with some of his vision incorporated.

I have edited the artwork a little as to not have it censored... also re-edited, in parts, the fine music score of my talented composer, Kerri; tailored to compliment the work. You can find her music on one of our sister sites, FanMusic, or on YouTube. She is also a visiting member here under the name of Elisha, if you should find a few words.

Be vigilant, darkness has many forms and move in mysterious ways, yet, with the sentinels of light, it finds its equal...and the battle goes on.

My best wishes,
Pays one point and 2 member cents.

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