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Terror on the Bright Angel.

Bright Angel

by DonandVicki

The author has placed a warning on this post for violence.

My girlfriend Beth and I love to hike. Yes, I am a woman as well. I assume you gathered that from the picture. Anyway I'm glad that issue is out of the way. We have no trouble sharing a double wide sleeping bag on a cold night, if you know what I mean. She is someone who I can trust, hike with all day, camp with, drink whiskey with, make love under a star filled evening with and wake up in each others arms. I have tried this with men in the past but there are times when all of the pieces don't always fit, enough said.

One of the items on my bucket list was to hike the Grand Canyon from Bright Angel trail on the south rim down to the bottom of the canyon to Phantom Ranch. Camp out for several days, do a little fishing, a little nature hiking and then when we felt ready we would hike back out.

A little information for those of you unfamiliar with this kind of hike is that hiking down a canyon, any canyon and then back out is like climbing an inverted mountain. The going down is the easy part, it's the climbing back out that's the "bitch." I have been told that the hike down to the bottom of the Grand Canyon is seven miles, the hike back out is one hundred and seven. It's fun with a capital F.
We arrived at the Grand Canyon Village and found the ranger station and got our hiking and camping permits. The rangers were more than helpful and friendly, they asked about our plans and asked if we had enough water. Having enough water for a hike like this is critical. Having enough water is much more important than having enough food. After getting the permits and checked out we were on our way.

"Sue, did you bring your gun?" Beth whispered.

"Yup," I said quietly after we were well out of earshot. Normally I only carry a knife but this was unfamiliar territory. I had heard tales of wild animals, bobcats, mountain lions and such.

"I have my 9mm in my backpack."

Keeping the hand gun in my back pack is a decision that I would later regret. I mean think about it, if you need to get off a quick shot, fumbling around in a backpack isn't the best option. Keep it handy in a holster for God sake. We hiked for hours on this beautiful trail stopping every once in a while just to drink in the splendor of the canyon and to take pictures. It was getting close to dusk when we were nearing our camp sight near Phantom Ranch campground. We could have stayed at the Phantom Ranch in a bungalow but we wanted to sleep under the stars and have our own entertainment as I have alluded to before.

"This looks like a good spot sweetie," I said excited to get rid of my pack and set up camp.

"Yeah, nice and secluded," Beth agreed.

I was just getting our gear stowed and our portable micro camp stove lit, Beth was in the tent arranging our sleeping bag when I heard a voice.

"Damn I'm hungry, what have you girls got good to eat?" came from a gruff male voice somewhere close in the dark.

Seconds later, this burly bearded guy came out of the dark waving what appeared to be a revolver.

"Alright girls, do not get excited and scream because I would have no problem shooting you both."

I had no problem believing him and I know that Beth wasn't the excitable type either. What was consuming my mind, other than his revolver in my face was the fact that this was a national park and you wouldn't think this could happen here, think again.

I looked around for my pack and saw that Beth had put it safely in the tent. I then thought of how I could possibly get to my 9mm.

"Why don't you put the gun down, we have plenty of food to eat. I even have a bottle of "Jack" that we could all share. We could call it a day, No harm no foul," I said hoping he would fall for my weak plan.

"Not so fast sweetheart, I want both of you to sit over here together so I can keep an eye on you," he said baring his yellow teeth, "first I want you girls to take your tops off and then I want you to go fetch that bottle, I have plans for the three of us."

Not wanting to upset him and hoping to get him aroused and distracted, I slowly slipped my shirt over my head. I reached behind me, watching him as I released my bra. His eyes got really wide as I let my breasts fall heavily. I noticed that Beth was watching me with her mouth open wide as well.

"The bottle of whiskey is in my pack," I said as I walked to the tent. My heart was pounding as I was hoping that Beth would distract him with her striptease. If he stopped me now and got the bottle out of my pack he would discover the gun. We would be screwed in more ways than one, I thought.

Beth was on the same wave length as she got up and unbuttoned her blouse. Her breasts are not as prominent as mine but it didn't look like the scumbag minded much.
I crawled into the tent and with my fingers trembling I searched in my pack for the handgun. I would have to do this with one shot, I thought and it has to be to the head. I noticed he was still holding the revolver. I put the bottle next to the gun trying to hide it. Thank God for the partial darkness.

"Like I said, plenty of whiskey for a party, no harm no foul." I smiled handing him the bottle.

It looked like he was hypnotized as his eyes went from my breasts to the bottle, I'm sure he thought he had died and gone to heaven. One shot, I thought as I slowly pulled the trigger.

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This, believe it or not is taken from a real occurrence in the Grand Canyon. Names and gender have been changed to protect the innocent.
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