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Trust Me

by DonandVicki

The Wrong Move Contest Winner 

  My mother constantly tells me that it is easy to find a man, the hard part is finding a good man.

  "They all seem nice when you first meet them, you must trust your intuition," she would say.

  She would also go on to mention that I should not get serious with a man that I found at a bar. That's how my mother screwed up her life, she met my father in a bar when she was eighteen, They were married and years later his drinking got worse. He became an alcoholic and their marriage became a mess after I was born. My mother divorced him when I was three and I never saw him after that. He refused to pay child support and I was told that he drank himself to death about five years ago.
  My mother raised me and I soon found out one of the reasons that my father drank, my mother is a type "A" personality. She will run your life whether you want her to or not.
 I decided to go against my mothers wish and found a friend "Trace" in a local bar. Actually he was one of the bartenders so I rationalized that this didn't qualify as finding a man in a bar. This was his profession, not his obsession.

  "Hey Lilly," Trace smiled at me as he wiped the bar in front of me as I sat down.
  "Hey yourself," I said feeling some what depressed.

  "Having a bad day?"

  "It's my mother," I said, "she is giving me the usual grief about finding a man and getting married."

  "Would you like to talk about it?" he asked, " you can talk to me anytime."

  I went on to tell Trace about how my mother wants to have grandchildren before she dies. She wants me to find a good man, not someone that I found in a bar. Good men can be found in church.

  "I assume that she is referring to me," Trace shook his head, "Is your mother that naïve to think that good men can only be found in church?"

  "I don't want to end up married to a man who becomes an alcoholic, like my father."

    "Have you ever seen me drink?" Trace asked, "Besides, I would bet you that the majority of men and women that go to church drink. I have seen you and your mother both drink."

  "We have an occasional glass of wine," I protested.

  "That's still drinking sweetie."

  "Listen," Trace said, "I'm a good guy even if I do say so myself. Here is my phone number." He grabbed my phone off the bar and entered his number. "I put my number on your speed dial, just enter #1 to call me. Maybe we could go out on a real date sometime instead of you meeting me here."

  "Thanks, see ya later," I said as I slipped off the bar-stool and and started to walk out.

  "Hey," he said, "Don't go away mad, I didn't mean to upset you."

  "I'm not upset at you, my mother has someone she wants me to meet at a church function and I have a feeling that it will not turn out well," I groaned.

  "I hope you get to meet some nice people there," He said sarcastically.

  I drove the five miles to the church picnic out by Lake George, which gave me some time to think about Trace and his offer. Maybe I should start thinking for myself instead of trying to please my mother all the time, I thought.
  I pulled into the lake parking lot and walked to the picnic area, the church picnic had been going on for some time. The very first person that I noticed was my mother talking to a tall handsome guy. May be my mother has some good taste after all, I thought.
  She waved at me as she saw me walking toward her.

 "Lilly," she said a little too sweetly, "I have someone that I would like you to meet."

  "Randy, this is my daughter Lilly."

  "Pleased to meet you Lilly, your mother has said some very nice things about you."

  "Randy is new in town and he would like to visit our church," she said excitedly.

  "You meet some of the nicest and most interesting people in church," Randy said smiling.

  "My mother tells me that all the time," I said, trying not to sound sarcastic.

  "I mentioned to Randy that you would like to show him around."

   I glared at my mother hoping that my death glare would have some effect on her.

  "It seems that your mother has already set us up on a date." Randy said.

  "Thanks Mom," I said keeping my eye's fixed on her.

  "Don't mention it dear," my mother actually winked at me, "why don't you two go and have some fun."

  "Why don't we come back here for a picnic tomorrow evening and watch the sunset?" he said.

  "Boy," I shook my head, "I don't know, two picnics in one w..."

  "She would love too," my mother said cutting me off mid-sentence.

  "Yeah great," I agreed, I wish I hadn't agreed to come to the picnic and just stayed with Trace, I thought.

  "Fantastic, I will pick you up at six tomorrow evening?" he asked.

  "Actually, I will just meet you here" I said quickly, not wanting my mother to give him our address.

  The next afternoon I drove to the lake a little late hoping to get this "sunset" date over as soon as possible. As I was pulling into the parking lot, I noticed Randy standing next to his van with the side door open. That's odd, I thought, something doesn't feel right. My instincts told me that I should hesitate.
  He was standing there with his hand's in his pockets. I pulled my car a few feet away from him and rolled my window down part way.
  "Hi Lilly, I have a bottle of wine in the van, you can trust me, we will watch the sunset."

 It was just the way he said, "you can trust me," that made me uneasy.

   It was then that I noticed some movement of someone or something in the back of the van. Quickly I rolled the window up and put the car in reverse. He started to walk toward the car as I spun the tires. I could hear him shouting, "come on Lilly...You can trust me!" I put the car in drive and peeled out across the parking lot throwing gravel and dirt in the air. I looked in the rear view mirror and saw him get in his van.

  "Oh shit...."I said as I fumbled for my phone. I found it and dialed #1.

 "Come on answer...,answer the phone damn it."

 "Hey Lilly," Trace answered.

  "Thank God," I cried into the phone, "I need help!"

  "Where are you? whats wrong?"

  "A maniac is following me, I don't have time to explain, I will be at your bar in just a few minutes. Get in my car as soon as I get there."

  The bar was at the other end of town and I was driving as fast as I could.. I glanced in the rear view mirror and saw the van following me.

  "I will be waiting for you outside," Trace said.

  The van slowed as I pulled the car up next to Trace.

  "Get in, that's him coming up behind me," I shouted, relieved to see Trace standing there.

  Trace started to open the door, instead he shut it and walked back toward the van.

  You idiot, I thought, what if he has a gun.

As Trace approached the van, Randy pulled around me and sped off. Trace walked back to the car muttering to himself.

  " 55H339W," he said as he got into the passenger side.


  "55H339W, write it down, it's his license number."

  I took my phone and entered the number in the phone log.

  "Would you care to tell me what's  going on?" he asked.

 I related the story of the picnic the day before and the "sunset" date from hell as best I could, sobbing.

  "I guess I should have listened to you instead of my mother," I said.

  "At least you paid attention to your intuition," Trace said reasuringly, "come on in and I will make some fresh coffee or would you like something stronger?" he asked.

  "Some coffee will be fine."

  "First you need to call the sheriff and give them the information and license number." Trace said.

 I did as he said, then I talked to Trace for an hour until his shift was over and asked if he would follow me home. He followed me home, walked me to my door and I thanked him.

  "Can I come in?" he asked hopefully.

  "Not tonight, I have something that I need to discuss with my mother and I do not want you to witness it. I will meet you tomorrow at the bar and after your shift is over and we can go on a dinner date."

"Great," Trace said with a grin, "see you there about seven?"

  "I will be there," I smiled back.

  He quickly stepped forward and gave me a kiss, he put his arm around my waist and I let his tongue slip gently in between my parted lips. I felt a strong tingle go clear down to my toes.

  "Wow," I said as I pulled back, "maybe we should have been doing this sooner?"

  "Maybe," He said.

  I walked into the house trying to come back down to earth. I wanted to be pissed off at my mother but all I could think of was Trace's kiss.

  "MOM," I shouted.

  I heard her turn off the television and slowly walk out into the kitchen.

  "You're back early, how did the date go?"

  "You might want to sit down for this. I had to call the police," I said, relating the rest of the story to her as she stood there looking straight into my eyes.

  "I don't believe you," She said shaking her head, " there has got to be a logical explanation, you probably scared the hell out of that nice young man."

  "You can believe what you want, I know what I felt and what I saw."

  I had trouble going to sleep that night, mostly from the anxiety from the evening but also from Trace's kiss and the anticipation of a date with him the next day.
  The following afternoon I arrived at the bar early and ordered a glass of white wine.

  "On the house," Trace said, "are you working up some courage to go out with me?"

  "I'm still tingling from that kiss last night," I smiled. I looked up at the bar T.V. screen and my mouth fell wide open....

  The evening news was on and there was an image of Randy in handcuffs with police on either side of him putting him in a squad car. 

  "Trace look," I pointed to the T.V.

  He turned around and saw the image on the screen.

  "It seems," The news anchor said, "that the police have found a suspect and a lead on the two missing girls that disappeared last month. A female body was found floating in Lake George. The police divers are still dragging the lake for the other missing girl."

  "Oh my God Trace, that's the man that was chasing me," I said.

  "Are you positive?" Trace asked.

  "I'm very sure."

  "Then you need to call the police and tell them, remind them that you called in the van's license number last night." He said.

 "First I want to call mom and make sure she saw this."

  "Go easy on her, It looks like mom doesn't always know best," Trace said.

Writing Prompt
Write a story where your character made the wrong choice and must deal with the repercussions.

The Wrong Move
Contest Winner


Listen to your mother but trust your instincts.
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