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An Elizabethan Tragedy

Bitter-Sweet Revenge

by brenda bickers


When all the darkness cloaks and shrouds my mind,
I only wish to dream as others do.
My inner eye does seek yet never finds,
reality is not for me and you.
Yet should we try to live outside the womb,
to bear our souls to those who bring us down,
to reach and take our love beyond this tomb,
and in the light of day reveal our crown?

Should not our souls be free to life's embrace,
Reject all those that wound us with their spawn.
To tread the path of freedom in this place?
Yes, walk like other men from dusk to dawn.
Now could it be it's I who makes them see,
expose and show we're worthy of our time?
If what we hold is hideous to thee,
reveal my true emotions, you are mine.

Do they not know that I am in command?
Today I take up arms and make a stand.


Today I take up arms and make a stand,
defend my right to love thee as I do.
To cast out all who strike with sleight of hand,
to rise above damnation they pursue.
No more shall I endure constraints of man,
for who are those that dare to block my path?
Am I not worthy of god's mighty plan?
Speak out or feel the rages of my wrath.

This wretched anger in me now does rise,
for only blessed love is all I seek.
Against this cancer here that I despise,
yet those who do not feel it think me weak.
Does love, or kingdom, have to be a choice?
Alas, my words do fall on deafened ears.
I pray and beg for those to hear my voice,
the fight til' death my body does not fear.

So now I feel that angst has forced my heart,
all followers of mine will play their part.


All followers of mine will play their part,
I never dreamt that I would be betrayed.
To rid them from my life i make a start,
by those who gained life's riches I have made.
Does death for treason not invoke a sign?
Betrayal is now here within my wake.
To strive for wealth and glory that are mine,
this caution you, and I must now partake.

Thine enemies who plot my swift demise,
each battle rages now within my heart.
Beware, for I have many in disguise,
It's for this love of ours that I take part.
And on the 'morrow when this deed is done,
again, my dear to languish here with me.
Together Victory we will have won,
within my arms for all eternity.

Before I make a stance and forge this chain,
let's speak of love that now invades my brain.


Let's speak of love that now invades my brain
no more shall we seek comfort in the dark.
To open up our hearts and feel again,
our love will fly on wings of soaring larks.
Yet holding back now causes me despair.
I hope that when this episode is through;
those sweet affections you did freely share,
will soon resume to love I feel is true.

You show concern for those who do me ill,
do I detect the turning with the tide?
Yet by my side remain here at your will,
what purpose do you linger at my side?
Perhaps affections shown are just a game,
you seek to ruse and wait for my demise.
With me, your mind thinks of another's name,
as with this veil of tricks you shield my eyes.

I fought the battle neither of us won,
this other love that is my mother's son.


This other love that is my mother's son,
Is not, a brother's blood the thread of life,
that hopes that I forgive the wrong he's done?
Betrayal of a kind now causes strife.
Alas, I choose who lives and who must die,
a broken heart with time you could avenge.
But still my conscience causes me to cry,
is death too harsh a price for sweet revenge?

Yet what of her, that harlot I so love?
Who weeps that I show mercy in her plight?
Of crown and kingdom I did place above,
my heart and mind are locked within this fight.
I fear that power overwhelms my pain,
The loyalties I felt are now displaced,
condemn to death! The trust; I will regain.
the future of my realm I must embrace.

I banish those who choose to flount the rules,
for all who think that I have played the fool.


For all who think that I have played the fool,
of those that did deceive have met their fate.
Take heed for punishment is hard and cruel,
their wretched bodies hang on traitor's gate.
And now I face the greatest pain of all,
but still I'm haunted by her smiling face.
To strike her from my life; her head, must fall,
this love of mine that filled my life with grace.

I thought that once we yearned eternal flame,
yet with her charm my heart, she did beguile.
Then, both our hearts were searching for the same,
the kiss of death was born with just a smile.
And so as darkness falls my sleep's denied
for with this hand, I sign her life away.
The devil of revenge now dwells inside,
the executioner will have his day.

Now that her soul takes flight, I can amend,
the fight to keep my throne I must defend.


The fight to keep my throne I must defend,
so am I doomed to walk this earth alone?
Trust no-one in my sights, be foe or friend,
the errors of my mind, I do atone.
But loneliness is hard for one to bear,
this need to quell the hunger of the flesh.
The smell of wanton virgin fills the air,
I'll pick the fruit that's tender and still fresh.

Alas, there is no face that fits her guise
each bride sent back to realms with love in vain
I cannot shake this woman from mine eyes
not one compares to memories of Jane.
And now I know my heart is tied and bound,
I take up arms to kill my enemy.
The burden of her death in me is found,
for all along, she doth reside in me.

This will be done as night time makes me blind,
when all the darkness cloaks and shrouds my mind.

By Brenda Bickers.

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