War and History Poetry posted April 12, 2016

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A mother grieves for her son.

Images ( part three).

by brenda bickers

(Part Three)
(A Mother Grieves)

Time had softened edges, and with the corners curled and torn,
she clutched the fading images of photos old and worn.
The years had not diminished all the sounds of bitter song,
the day the raven came and sang she knew that he had gone.

She recalls the pain and anguish as they laid him down to rest.
A place now of remembrance reserved, for all the best.
The muffled tones of weeping as they lay his body down,
another soldier lost to war who served his country's crown.

The distant sound of bugles as the chaplain spoke his words,
then came the sound of silence; his body now intered.
She knew the grave was empty, but she did not shed a tear,
as she could feel his hand upon her she knew that he was near.

Sweet child of mine so fair of face who's loving held no bounds,
who filled my days with happiness with playful childhood sounds.
Taken now from lifes embrace; I will walk this life alone
and hope that someday soon to come he too will call me home.

And so she sits and reads alone the letters that they found,
among the dead and dying they were scattered all around.
Each one reveals the hopes he had of when his duty's done,
when he could march back home again, of when this war is won.

He writes of happy times to come, a wife and family,
a home thats filled with laughter with children at his knee.
But like so many others all those dreams will never be.
Yes,he gave his life so freely for those like you and me.

And like so many gone before with passing of the years,
she wonders if they will recall each dying soldier's tears.
although the dust may settle and life keeps moving on
each day there are reminders of those that now have gone.

She sits beneath the old oak tree and takes one final look,
and smiles at the son she sees his gentle hand she took.
Together they walk arm in arm toward a guiding light.
A mother's heart now filled with peace,
She passed away that night.



















A mother grieves for her son.
The early war years took their toll on the mothers who lost their sons, some lost two, three even more sons. Whole male family members were wiped out.
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