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Flash fiction

Special Delivery

by DonandVicki

Stuck in an elevator Contest Winner 

Normally I would take the 10 flights of stairs for morning exercise but today I was late. I raced to the bank of elevators just as a young woman was holding the door for me.

"Thanks," I huffed, all out of breath.

"No worries," she said. "What floor?"

"10th please."

"Having a baby soon I see," I said with some confidence.

Normally this would be a risky thing to say to a woman, embarrassing at the very least if you were wrong. However in her case there was no mistaking it, she was very, very pregnant.

"Yup, any time now," she smiled and looked away.

The elevator doors closed and just as I was about to ask if it was going to be a boy or girl, there was a loud... "BANG"... The elevator dropped several feet knocking us both off our feet.

"Are you alright?" I said as I pulled myself up.

"I don't know," she moaned and held her stomach, "I don't think so."

I frantically pushed the door open button and nothing happened, the doors didn't move. I pushed the emergency button and kept pushing It as I yelled, "HELP, PLEASE HELP US !!!"

There was no response...

"I think the baby's coming!" She cried

"I have got to get you help, get you to a doctor."

"There is no time, the baby is coming OWWWW, now, OWWWW!" she screamed.

I looked down in horror as a puddle of water spread out from her skirt as she lay on the floor.

"I'm sorry," I said " I have no idea what to do."

"This isn't my first time, help me get to the corner and take my panties off."

With the urgency in her voice I knew this was not the time for embarrassment. I took my jacket off and put it under her bottom.
Again I frantically pushed the emergency button.

"Help, HEELLPP!!!" I yelled.

"You have got to HELP ME, help the baby as she comes ouwwTTTT!!" she yelled through another contraction.

I knelt by her knees and was transfixed as the baby's head started to appear.

" AWWWWHGODDDDDSONOFASSSSHHHITttttt...," she moaned and pushed as the baby girl almost popped out into my hands.

"OH MY GOD!" I said breathlessly, cradling the baby. "Are you OK?"

Before she could answer, the baby cried her first cry and the elevator moved up several feet. The doors opened and two maintenance men stood there with their mouths open.

"Call 911, she needs an ambulance." I shouted.

"Are you the father?" one of the men asked.

"No, just the delivery man." I laughed, very relieved.

Writing Prompt
Write a short story. The topic is: Stuck in an elevator!

Stuck in an elevator
Contest Winner


DO NOT get into an elevator with a woman that is about to give birth...
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