Satire Fiction posted April 5, 2016

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Jackals, Hyenas and Vultures, Oh My!

by JBCaine

The two jackals approached the ever-shrinking muddy wallow from opposite sides, neither acknowledging the other’s presence; both hyper-aware of the slightest hint of aggression as they slithered nearer to the water and each other.

With the water level so low, each needed to drink his fill. Each knowing he had to defeat the other, drink all the water, and leave nothing of sustenance for this enemy.

As they neared each other, the larger beast was heard to grunt, “I will drink all the water. I am the best at drinking water there ever was. You will get no water, and I will destroy you.”

The smaller jackal, who had always prided himself on his outstanding way with words, growled back. “You are all bluff and bluster, you sparse-haired imposter. I am smarter, I am more handsome, my paws are twice the size of yours, and even you know what that means.”

The other animals of the savannah gathered around to watch the show, wavering between giddy entertainment, half-amused shock, and utter disgust at the spectacle of two legendary predators trading insults, when, in fact, they were supposed to be here for the water. The animals had come to see a battle, not two pups yippity-yapping at each other. Others began to shout their derision at the two snarling buffoons, while not even bothering to notice the third jackal who slinked up but remained half hidden in the shrubs, far out of reach of the water. The elephants ambled off in dismay.

“Fight! Fight! Fight!” the assembled onlookers chanted.

“Rip his throat out!”

“Slaughter him, and take all our water!”
The clamor of the crowd began to sound nearly as ridiculous as the grunting and rutting of the two mindless jackals circling and cursing and waving their various paws at each other. A moment later, the insults were replaced with growling, snapping jaws, and flying fur, as the jackals brought their frustrations to their inevitable fruition. The third jackal watched silently from the periphery, saying nothing, as the blood-maddened crowds urged on the two combatants.
Far away, on the other side of the savannah, the ever vigilant hyena was roused by the sounds of discord and the scent of blood wafting in on a wayward breeze. Sagacious in the ways of the predator, voracious in her quest for dominance, and rapacious in her absolute hunger for power, she was on the move before she was even conscious of forming the thought. “I shall have all the water, and they shall perish, each and every one!”

As caught up as they were in destroying each other, the two jackals never noticed the hyena slip in and drink all the water as they fought to a draw. Each had his jaws firmly embedded in the throat of the other, neither relenting, until both stubbornly and stupidly died.  The hyena snorted haughtily at the sight, gave an evil laugh, and sauntered over to feast upon their carcasses.

Suddenly, from high above, the shrill screams of a vulture pierced the throbbing tension of the ghastly scene. “Not Fair! It’s not fair! It’s just not fair! The lowlier creatures got no water at all! Why should all the water go to the creatures with the biggest teeth? We must take their water and divide it amongst ourselves! We will drink their blood, and have our day! I am the Bird! Hear me! I am the Bird! Feel me! I am the Bird! Fill me! Fill me!” 

“Feel the Bird!”

“Feel the Bird!”

And with that encouragement, the masses threw themselves upon the nasty hyena and the remains of the two tasteless jackals.

When their anger and thirst for blood had been sated, the Bird alit gracelessly, and began to feed on the scraps that remained. For the Bird, a pure scavenger to the depths of his soul, this was the feast for which he had waited a lifetime.
“Feel the Bird!” The chanting began again.
As the third little jackal tucked his tail and slithered away unseen, he muttered to the grasslands, “Where have all the lions gone?”

Political Flash Fiction contest entry


Just a bunch of animals, from what I can tell.
Advanced Editor counts this out at 683 words.
Photo Credit: Conti - Public Domain by U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
Pays one point and 2 member cents.

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