Commentary and Philosophy Poetry posted April 2, 2016

This work has reached the exceptional level
free verse

When the Wind Leaves

by michaelcahill

When the Wind Leaves
                                                       by michael cahill

the words have been passed forth
from the beginning
they float on the sacred wind
we merely reach up to grasp them
for a moment
off they go
their destination unknown
still they return
with their stories
and one day, son
your story
was to be carried with
                                the others
but we who were many
are now few
the wind has not returned
for many cycles
the stories grow dim
         and we strain to recall
even she who bore me
is but a ripple blowing a dead leaf
from a shedding branch
                once there was green

I could never
teach you
                the river is dry
                the roar of life
                                dimly recalled
the blue is only in your eyes now, son
it is all that remains of the sky
the wind, you see, grew weary
of us
and left with our memories
it won’t be returning for
you or me
where it went
        we never knew

                      and we’ll never know


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Check out the poetry forum for a list of completed entries. Some amazing poetry completed in less than an hour. THEN, consider joining the fun!

I didn't like my first one. So here's another one. This is not a real entry as it's not written under the true conditions of the challenge. Just a poem based on the topic. I had plenty of time to let the topic wander around my brain, so it isn't a fair comparison to those who learned of the topic and wrote immediately thereafter. The topic follows and IF you haven't seen it before, feel free to take the challenge. Read the topic, write a piece and post it. You have an hour.

This week's topic: Myth of the Wind

Free Verse
Minimum of 100 words

Pretend you are a member of a primitive tribe at some point in the past. Your people have beliefs and traditions very different from those of other societies around the world. All we want to know is what wind means to you. Give some reasons or examples, as you talk about this invisible yet powerful force of nature.

Suggestions (none required, just ideas to get you started):

In your society, is wind worshipped? Feared?
Does wind have a spirit? A name?
What does it bring to your people?
What stories do you have about its effects?
What myths do you have about its origin?

Please do NOT use myths of known societies, such as Incas, Native Americans, remote tribes of Borneo, etc. Invent your own, and only as regards wind.

Pays one point and 2 member cents.

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