Spiritual Fiction posted March 19, 2016

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Strange encounter at a small Cafe.


by jusylee72

"I'll be the last one in tonight, Jeff." Max yelled out as he came in the door to the Blue Bonnet Cafe." The road is flooded up ahead. They are closing the bridge behind us as I speak. That big oak right before the bridge just came crashing down."

He shook the rain off his coat. Jeff, the owner of the Cafe, and Max had been friends since childhood.

"I knew I should have closed earlier. Mindy will have a fit if I don't make it home tonight. Better go in back and let her know now so she won't worry that I am on the road in this weather. Pour yourself some coffee. After I call her, I'll fix us some late night breakfast."

There were only two others in the restaurant. One young obviously pregnant woman sat at the table in the back. Another man sat at the counter on a bar stool. Max took the seat two stools from him. The man spoke up.

"Sure is a scary one. I'm not from here, but I guess we're stuck here now. My name is Evan. Would enjoy some conversation if you don't mind."

"Sure enough," Max countered, " Where are you from?"

Thunder blasted outside the same moment that lightning illuminated the room. The power went off.

"Shit!" said Max.
"Heavens!" said Evan.
"Hell," said a scared little voice in the back of the restaurant.

There were small candles on the tables. It provided some light.

"Ma'am, would you like to join us? I think you should get away from that window." Max said.

"Yes," she said and gathered her purse. She brought her decaf with her.

"I'm Sherry."

Evan was the first to speak, "Do you ever think fate brings people together for a reason?"

Max wasn't used to being philosophical. He was just a bible beating believing Baptist good old boy.

"Karma," Sherry was obviously a woman of few words.

"What the hell is Karma?", Max blurted out.

"Fate, destiny. What goes around comes around." now Sherry was talking, " I quit believing in anything years ago."

"Listen, youngen, God has a plan, my preacher says it every Sunday." Max could talk Baptist. "Just read the Bible and believe."

Evan wanted to know more. "Sherry, what happened to you that makes you believe that? "

"It's what didn't happen. It's why I'm sitting here in this small cafe alone, ready to have a baby any day. Shunned because I'm not married. My parents won't help. What the heck am I telling you this for? I don't need pity."

"Not pity," Evan spoke,"Understanding. Comfort. Guidance. Is it a boy or a girl?"

" Didn't have enough money to find out."

Max was shooke his head. Religion came easy to him. You feared god and did what the good book says. "My church might be able to get you some help. I believe the lord can provide. My preacher is even getting one of those TV contracts. Even your sins can be forgiven, Missy."

"Even my sins? Well, aren't you arrogant? What about the guy who got me here? Where is his responsibility in all this? You can take your "Holier than though attitude" and shove it."

Max was offended. "I'm just telling you, little Miss, I grew up understanding that God has to be in your life. I was Baptized in the blood of the lamb and I know right from wrong. Don't get all defensive on me just because I am right."

This little filly was way out of Max's comfort zone, talking back not listening, so easily offended. Who did she think she was?

Evan interjected, "Maybe we need to change the subject."

But Sherry wanted to argue.

"Right?" Sherry had been agitated all day. She wanted to take her anger out on someone. It felt good to explode. Life really aggrivated her. With the baby so close to being born, her emotions became overwhelming. Maybe it was because soon reality stood on her door step, ringing the bell loudly and refusing to let her sleep. She felt fat, changed, not really sure she wanted the baby. Too many mistakes in life, no man would ever want her. She"d made too many mistakes.

For some reason being trapped in this cafe with men terrified her. Oh,they weren't going to hurt her, but once again she had broken her rule. She let them in her personal bubble. What the heck was that about?

"Right?" she repeated, "I believe I just heard a cuss word coming from that perfect Baptist man you claim to be."

Now Max was defensive, "A little roughness is a man's way sometimes. Don't start getting uppity with me little woman. Why don't you just go sit your pretty little sinner butt back at that table. Sorry I asked if you wanted to join us."

Evan interrupted them both.

"Look, I don't know you two. But let's step back, calm down and forget our differences for a while. Let no man Judge another."

Then he puzzled them both by saying, "All life is a gift. All people human. All beliefs strong. When we seek God we find ourselves. There is no time line on forgiveness."

Evan's demeanor changed. There was actually a soft glow of gold or white around him.

"I have to go soon," he calmly said.

"Well good luck on that one," Max replied. "Come hell or high water no man is getting out tonight. And I do mean " High Water". Max thought he was funny.

Evan's voice became more comforting.

"Sherry," he softly said, "Before I leave I have something to tell you. Life will start changing tonight. You have a beautiful little girl inside of you. She will bring you so much joy. She will be born tonight when the rain begins to stop and the moonlight is clear. Max and Jeff will help you. Her birth will change all of you."

What the bejeebers was this guy telling her?, Max wondered.

Jeff walked back in. "Got a hold of Mindy. She says it's bad at the house too. What do you two want? I can make cold sandwiches."

"There's three of us, Jeff," Max stated the obvious.

"Did you get struck by lighting, Max? I see only two."

Sherry and Max turned to look at the empty bar stool beside them.

Where did Evan go? Their eyes met in disbelief.

Outside, the rain was slowing down.

Sherry felt her first contraction.

The Conversation contest entry


This was interesting to write. Started with the contest premise then evolved into this. I love writing.
Pays one point and 2 member cents.

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