Mystery and Crime Poetry posted March 4, 2016

This work has reached the exceptional level
The news of the day and the infamous knife

Double Jeopardy-OJ Simpson

by Mary Wakeford

Double Jeopardy

At the mic, the Captain announced on this day from LA
A knife has surfaced and it is hoped it will reveal hidden DNA
From a player's home, called Rockingham twenty two years past
A cop soon to retire let it out he has held this knife within his grasp

Could it be after all this time and a horrible, awful, bloody scene
That ended the life of a woman named Brown who was last seen
By a golden man returning glasses and seemingly his only crime
Was being in the right place but at the worst possible, wrong time

Listening to this bizarre update on a case never legally solved
My mind went to the trial, and the poor dog, an Akita...
It was Kato, who's plaintive wails and bloodied feet
Which led a neighbor to the scene holding his lady, his keep

Laying quiet in a pool of crimson red, next to a man this dog named Kato had just met
The dog always knew that OJ was the jealous maniac that left these two cleft
You see, OJ and this dog before the rage and the blood, had once also shared time
On Rockingham, but twenty-two years have passed, as well as this storied canine

So even if it is found there is DNA and it is sound
Justice will still not be bound, nor retribution found
Double Jeopardy will protect this killer ever so vicious
But the world will finally know the truth, no longer just "suspicious"

And the souls of a woman named Brown, a Gold-man, and a dog named Kato
Can finally and peacefully rest, as the murderer of June 22 is finally told
Their families, their loves, receiving a gift from above
Peace of heart, finally, after all of that blood.


This notorious case disturbs me to this day. The fact that the victims of this crime never received their justice but the players disguised as friends of Nicole reaped the publicity and reward by mere association because their father represented him. Nicole and Ron were not given their due. Interestingly, though, call it Karma, would seem has visited most of the entire defense team, and OJ himself.
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