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reach out and touch someone's heart

by flylikeaneagle

believe you can achieve Contest Winner 
When my daughters were young, we liked to go swimming. I would spend time with Monica and Annie, as they jumped into the pool. I was there to catch them and guide the girls as I taught them how to swim. We went to the swimming pools and health clubs in Dallas, Texas. They were my water girls and we all became stronger at swimming with daily practicing. With time, I studied and became a group fitness instructor in yoga, Pilates, spin and swimming classes. I taught water aerobics to ladies in deep and shallow water at a swimming pool as a Red Cross water instructor.

One day, Monica, wanted to dive. But, she was afraid of the diving board and the twelve foot diving pool. I told Monica to break down the diving into steps. First, she was to learn how to hold her hands above her head and bow her head to the water. Then, she had to bend her knees and hop. Hands up, head down, knees bent and hop....oops, belly flop. Focus!!! Try it again, Monica.

Sometimes, life is like this diving lesson. One needs to practice over and over. Someone, needs to reach out and touch someone's heart with encouragement. Monica got the hop and in she dived deep. Back again and again, she tried and dived. I remember when she dived off the diving board. I told Monica to believe she can achieve. SPLASH! Yes! Monica, Annie and I celebrated with ice cream cones after Monica dove off the board, again and again, in victory!

Monica took this attitude with her into high school and university days. She had to believe in her self during the winter depression and anxiety attacks. She reached out to the professors and they touched her heart. Monica studied Psychology and brain research in labs. She presented her learning research in Chicago, New York and San Francisco, with her class mates and professors.

They encouraged Monica to go further in the field of Psychology. Now, she touches hearts of the youth with autism. Monica teaches them that they can achieve. They can understand and try again. Yes, ice cream is a fun reward!

I took a spin class with Monica at the mile high city of Denver, Colorado, USA. I struggled with my breath. I knew my body could sit, stand and push the bike pedals harder. The teacher encouraged us all. One guy wore sweats to the class. He already lost fifty pounds the hard way by sweating on the spin bikes. Other ladies encouraged us by waving an "ok," hand symbol. I watched Monica as she spun and stood and pushed up the hills. Our heartbeat levels and speed went up as we burnt calories. I had to focus. Believe me, I was NOT going to reward myself with ice cream after sweating at spin! The song about being STRONGER, encouraged me and I finished the second half hour, STRONGER!!! Yes, I loved the cool down! Slower and stretch exercises made my aches go away. The ladies gave us sweet, juicy oranges as an after workout treat. Monica and I survived spin class.

Monica and I planned on more work outs this year as our new year's goals. We are long distance, accountability buddies by phone calls, texting and using journals. Monica is encouraged by the personal trainers and other teachers in her classes at the Denver club. She told me that her new goal is to be a group fitness teacher and teach a class. I told her that it takes time, but to have fun while learning the classes. I advised Monica to keep a fitness journal with what she eats and the exercises she does.

For us home bound Moms and Dads, there are many website classes on the computer for free. When you exercise, you stimulate your brain cells and neurons to make you feel younger. Stretch and grab weights during the day to make you stronger! Remember to stretch with your hands above your head, bend your knees, focus on your breath and goals. Take time out for yourself. Stay happy and find a friend to encourage. Maybe, a poem or a kind word will make their day and be a light of love to make them smile! Reach out and touch someone's heart!

believe you can achieve
Contest Winner


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I had to believe that I could achieve as I studied to be an AFAA, Aerobics and Fitness Association of America group fitness instructor. I had so many muscles to memorize. Then, I thought about the muscles as I used them. I was encouraged by my fitness friends and my church friends. My help is from The Lord. Isaiah 41:10 I had to stay focused as I learned the beat, rhythm and safety of exercises. I was taught rehab exercises when one is injured. Then, I went for a Water Safety Instructor from Red Cross and taught water aerobics and swimming lessons. My teachers said to always encourage people and see the best in others. We all make mistakes, but, we have to focus and practice. When the body remembers, then you are swimming! I called my exercise classes, "fly like an eagle," and my swimming and water aerobics classes, "dance like a dolphin." I hope that I have inspired you to believe that you can achieve.
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