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I Am A Writer

by country ranch writer

I Am A Writer Contest Winner 
I grew up wanting to be the best writer in the world like my favorite authors Stephen King and Diane Fanning. It was Diane Fanning whom I asked for advice from, "What does it take to be a good writer?" She advised me no matter what anyone said, " I should never give up." Never give up, because those who say you aren't good at something is because they already made it in the big time and don't want you to get noticed. She told me she had struggled when she first started out. Then one glorious day she was noticed and her foot was in the door. She has not slowed down since and maybe just maybe I can get one foot in the door like she has. Her writing amazes me she gets to the bare bones of things.

I Am A Writer:
I thank Diane Fanning for giving me the courage to continue my desire to be the best I can be. I promised her I would never be discouraged or give up my writing for this is who I am. Thank You Diane Fanning!
" I Am A Writer!" My writing takes me places I would never be able to see or go there because of my disabilities. My writing helps other people get away even if it is just a few minutes of their time to relieve stress. If I can do that then I have succeeded.

I Am A Writer:
I get to say things in my writings that I could never say in real life. I can't imagine my life without writing. It helps me keep balance and emotions in check. It is a good way to release the voices in my head, kidding. My muse likes to ramble on until I take pen and paper and get it all down. I want to inspire someone like they inspired me.

I Am A Writer:
In my writing over time, I have learned writing helps heal and process wounds and grief, cleaning them from your mind in reminding us all life is to short. Through my writing, I can keep my memories alive and not let them slip away into the
past. Writing Helps me connect with others and they, in turn, help me to gain new perspectives. Writing helps me observe people in everyday life. I find there is so much to write about each and every day something new is happening.
I Am A Writer:
I love to create new characters in any genre it brings me close to them. I feel what they feel. I would want my readers, experience it too. I want them to feel and see the sadness, joy, and hope in their lives as they struggle to be happy
I make them feel they aren't alone in their struggles for a good like. We can supply them with hope and happiness with just a stroke of a key. Life is about sharing and caring, I have learned so much from my peers. I will never quit writing.

Writing Prompt
I set the example with my essay entitled Always Write For Your Own Enjoyment.

Now, it is time for you to shine.

What made you become a writer? What makes you tick as a writer? What aspirations do you have as a writer? Have you accomplished your goals as a writer? Where do you see yourself in the future as a writer?

Inform and enlighten readers. After all, you are a writer.

Scream at the literary world "I AM A WRITER!"

Make readers CARE that you are a writer.

Must be written in First Person only.

Include word count.

I Am A Writer
Contest Winner


This is dedicated to my friends who have all helped me along the way giving me a chance to show I too am a writer.
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