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Upon The Rocky Ledge

by mountainwriter49

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Upon The Rocky Ledge

Upon the rocky ledge above the sea,
I lay and pondered fate ‘neath starlit sky.
Night’s air was crisp and fresh upon my face
as Aeolus sent forth the gentle winds
that kissed my lips and teased my flowing locks.
‘Twas there, upon outcroppings formed by Zeus
so long ago that time itself cannot
be kept and stored within the mind of man,
I found your star, and thus your kiss, your love,
that wondrous night.
                         The southern winds were warm
and graceful as they kept night’s chill away.
I was transfixed by Perseids’ white rain
of fire across the northern sky’s expanse.
Oh how the gods do tease us as they toy
with stars and hurl red streaks of fire across
the sky, reminding us ‘tis they who rule
our world.
                I drink much wine, as Dionysus fills
my cup with endless zeal, while pondering
the ancient constellations; seeking life’s
grand truths.   Oh, how can such a moonless night
be full of light with depths of colour never seen
before?  The heaven’s vast void, filled with ink 
of blackest-blue adorned with stars aglow
as diamonds reflecting Helios’
steel-blue eyes.  I am awed by what I feel
and slowly rise so I might be e’er close
to stars aloft.  My robe slides down my back and
thus my naked form’s revealed while stretching my
arms towards an emptiness I pray is rich
with hope and love.
                                My cup o’er flows with wine.
The wind is warmer and I hear sweet sounds
wafting on winds’ wings; calling me to wait
for your arrival.  I begin to feel
as though I am adrift above the ground,
existing in a twilight state, aroused,
and longing for you.  In the distance I
can see your face and unrobed form
approaching me. Oh, such joy as I have
not felt before as when we touched and kissed!
You whispered that you are my chosen love—
my destiny.
How perfect was our night
as we lay close, entwined above the fray
of crashing waves beneath our rocky ledge.
You gave yourself to me upon my vow
of loving only you forevermore. 
The heavens were aglow.
                                                      When I awoke,
the firmament above Earth’s rim was full ablaze,
and you were gone and I was all alone.
I cried aloud and felt so cold ‘neath sun’s
bright rays and reached for my disheveled robe. 
‘Twas there, within its folds, I found your scroll
and lock of golden hair you’d neatly tied
with lapis threads.
                         Each year I climb the rocks
above the sea where we first met; awaiting…
and longing for you to return to me
for yet another night, my  love.  ‘Tis you,
and only you who fills my soul with love
and heart with joy…I gaze upon the stars,
and see Perseids streak across the sky,
while sipping wine and reaching for your hand.

9 January 2016



Poem of the Month contest entry



Blank Verse Narrative. This is a poetic form created in the mid-16th Century and perfected by Milton and Shakespeare. It is written in iambic meter and has no rhymes within each stanza (internal-line or end-line). In this presentation, varying line lengths and metrical substitutions, feminine verse and trochaic substitutions, etc., have been utilized as appropriate. Metrical substitution is often used in long, narrative blank verse poetry in order to achieve dramatic and/or emotive emphasis as well as to overcome the boredom of seemingly never ending iambic meter. For example, Stanza 3, line 12 and stanza 4, line 3 are examples of metrical substitution utilized in this verse. Additionally, feminine verse is used in several lines.


Aeolus (EE uh luhs) = The ruler of the winds; ancient Greek deity.
Diamonds (DI a monds) = Pronounced in three syllables.
Dionysus (DAHY uh NAHY subs) = The Greek God of the wine harvest.
Helios (HEE lee os) = The Greek god of the sun.
Mind of Man = the collective memory and history of mankind.
Perseids (PER see ids) = The sons of Perseus; a prolific meteor shower passing
through the Constellation Perseus each summer in late July through mid


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