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A Man Of Few Words

by prettybluebirds

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An ode to my father, he was a man of few words. He was one of the quietest people I have ever known. I can remember working in the fields or orchards all day with dad and he would maybe speak a total of ten words all day. We kids were used to it and thought nothing of it.

Dad was quiet in the house too. Usually reading or listening to the radio. If we misbehaved dad would simply look at us and there was an instant attitude adjustment. If we were arguing or fighting, we quit instantly. It wasn't that Dad was a mean father or even punished us a lot, but we knew if he did the old willow switch was not a nice thing to feel on the hinny. What made it worse was he would send us to cut our own switch. I think that was worse than the spanking.

We all loved our father very much. His silence was just a part of his nature. Dad read a lot and I can remember him lying on the bed at night with one of his westerns. I would get a comic book and crawl over Dad's legs to lie beside him and read. I have a love for the written word today and attribute it to all the reading I did with my father.

We lived on a large fruit farm in Michigan so Dad was home all the time. This is something most children don't have today. I couldn't imagine coming home and not having my father and mother both there every day when I was a child. I will always treasure the memories of those childhood years.

I probably spent more time with my father than some of the other kids. We didn't say much, I just liked to be with Dad and would hold his hand as we walked around the farm.

Unfortunately, I didn't have my father for too many years. There were twelve kids in our family and I was number ten. My father was forty- nine when I was born. He died at the age of sixty- nine when I was nineteen years old.

I will always remember the time I did have with him. A man of few words but when he spoke people listened. He was known far around for his honesty and integrity in all his dealings. Folks came from miles away to buy Dad's produce.

So this is my ode to my beloved father. He may have been a quiet man, but the world could use more of his kind. I loved him with all my heart and still do today.

Writing Prompt
An ODE to someone you like, or dislike, whatever the case may be.
A short story, not more than 500 words in length.
As long as the meaning is clear and concise. Have fun with it!

Quick thinking
Contest Winner


My father was a wonderful, kind, old fashioned person. He was quiet to the extreme and I find people asking me why I am so quiet at times. I hope I inheirited it from my father.
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