Children Flash Fiction posted December 14, 2015

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Elder Abuse


by country ranch writer

This is about as dark as you can get in a 92-year old person's life. It seems this dear friend of mine has been tossed away by her family. She is no longer wanted in their life. What has this society come to? Where is it written that Grandmas are expendable? Being 92 years old and told you are no longer wanted in their home is incredible, But this is what her son did to her. What a sleaze ball worse, he is worse than the sneaky Grinch. I listened to her with tears in my eyes all I could say to comfort her was, "Sally Mae I am so sorry!"
He had the balls to tell her this was the "New Age," She was not wanted. She was not invited to Thanksgiving, Christmas or even her grand children's birthdays. Come on she is 92- years old for crying out loud! I have known this lady for most of my life and watched her children grow up and even get married. She was a good mother and Grandmother. She did not deserve to be treated so harshly.
Is he that cold hearted, he would turn his family away from her? She isn't going to be on this earth much longer. He will regret the day he tossed her out. It will be too late to say I love you or I am sorry. Sally Mae said, " You will never know how much it means to me to have you for a dear friend."
As the song says, my friend, I told her, "That's what Friends Are For."
"It will take time my dear, but the hurt will lessen. We all are here for you and we will stay by your side." Now I told her lets go get some tea on to boil, have some of those cookies I made this morning. As we reached my porch my phone began to ring. I settled Sally Mae in a comfortable chair, then answered the phone.
Hello, this is Becky, " Yes we are going to be at my house all afternoon. Sure come on over, see you soon. " I filled Betty Ann in on what had happened today. I tried to cheer her up but she is beside herself with grief. She thinks no one loves her the poor dear. It is a crying shame what they have done to her.
Betty Ann headed to the guest room, knocking softly on the door as not to disturb her if she was sleeping. They were both 92 so she knows what Sally Mae is feeling right now, it is so sad, children can be so heartless. Sally Ann was sleeping soundly so Betty Ann tiptoed away from the door and rejoined Becky in the kitchen. With Christmas just around the corner, they discussed how to go about trying to figure out a plan to include all their friends so Sally Ann would not be alone.

The Dark Side of Christmas contest entry


This is the darkest time in a person's life to have your own flesh and blood disown you because you are old. This is the darkest side of Christmas no one wants to hear about. Granny will let her son know she has a family with or without him. She has her faith in God and friends other than her immediate family.
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