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A chapter in the book To Cherish Thorns

A Fickle Majesty's Rule

by michaelcahill

A Fickle Majesty's Rule


Finally, the searing sneering sun sinks from view
and you join me, friend and companion
your smiles dance across me shimmering
I fear the sun pays not the slightest attention to us
                he gazes out, I imagine, unaware we are here
                                perhaps we are too small
                                                for such a grand showman

ah, look, upon the beach
they embrace as though nothing in the universe

                                      but them       

come closer, dear lunar friend
help me to reach them with a little tickle

so lovely to see
let me serenade you with my song
the roll of my waves
the slap against the sand
the churning as I mix with the shore
and the whoosh and echo of my presence
as I retreat
the haunting mystery of melody from farther out
whispers of things unknown
truth lost in the fancy of a fickle breeze

your every sigh and intimate moan
enters my crests to be conveyed to parts unknown
another beach, another shore, other lovers
a song for them in perfect tone


why oh why do they not remain here at the shore
what more could they wish for

but they forget these nights as though dreamed of

does the sun anger them and drive them mad

                how well I know anger
                                the sun does irritate
                                intrusive and relentless
                                                nary a moment's peace
                                                yes, a friendly cloud to shield
                                                but the sun squeezes and worries
                                                                it to tears

                I rise up in frustration
                                futile, for she never leaves
                                but an evening's respite      
                                                always returning
                                                her power never diminished
                                these fools frolick
                                                feeling a frisk dominion over me
                                                I strike you down with a swift
                                               reproach for your discourtesy
                yes, the shore seems distant now, doesn't it?
                                my cool embrace not quite so inviting
                                                my wonders lie below
                                                your whimsical ponderings
                                                                your coming recompense
                                soon you will lie on my floor forgotten
                                                rotten as I roll by
                                                never shall I mention you again
                                                nor will I allow your discovery


Fools! You think me serene?
for I am wont to be so on a summer morn
torn will you be
forlorn should you be sworn
by the foolishness of your own mythology
I am no myth
is that not enough for you
a mountain that moves at my whim
to engulf you for my own amusement
your vessels so grand
splinters and twisted metal
                to decorate my floor
                seen no more
                                not even a bone survives

yes, sit by my shore
in the moonlight
I allow it
for now
it pleases me
however …. 


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