General Poetry posted November 21, 2015

This work has reached the exceptional level
a saga at sea

The Mary O'Bree

by mfowler

The Mary O'Bree rides high on the swell
to the roar of the sea and clash of her bell.
The cap'n near loses control of the wheel
as the sails are a'dippin' to the level of keel.
The storm has advanced at speed from the east
and the ocean responds with violence of beasts.
The breakers are foaming and threat'ning resolve
as they smash on the rocks, and then quickly dissolve.
The lighthouse shines out its beacon of hope.
At the murkiest times helps sailors to cope.
The storm is so angry that vision is poor
and the Mary O'Bree cavorts at death's door.
'O, Cap'n, my Cap'n, will we arrive?
My dear wife is so poorly - doubt she'll survive.
O, Cap'n, please Cap'n she's heavy with child
and she's cramping real badly, the seas are so wild.'
The cap'n fights hard to swing to the west,
the direction that know-how, tells him is best.
The husband returns to his spouse down below
to support her dis-ease as they toss to and fro.
The deck is awash as waves splash and spill
and the ketch at the mercy of ocean's foul swill.
A sailor's besieged by the slash of the sea
and is washed overboard with the other debris.
The Mary O'Bree is twisted and turned.
It sits high on the crest afore being spurned.
It's flung from on high like a toy going down
and it crashes on rocks amid chaotic sound.
The passengers, crew are spewed from the wreck.
Some fortunate few cling to part of the deck.
But most of the boat's been consumed by the sea,
and such be the fate of the Mary O'Bree.
With boat now consumed, the storm clouds abate,
and the sea's claimed a victim as if it felt hate.
Survivors cling fast to the rocks and remains.
The light keeper gets working with pulleys and chains.
The cap'n is saved and wrenched from the brine,
while the couple stay close and are pulled on a line.
Three sailors have perished from Mary O'Bree
the unfortunate victims of life lived at sea.
But, life takes a turn in its strange random way
as a baby is born on this wild stormy day.
The baptism offered by ocean's white water
Her name's Mary O'Bree, a loud, bonny daughter.


painting: 'Bell Rock Lighthouse' by Turner.
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