General Poetry posted November 3, 2015

This work has reached the exceptional level
Experience of an electric storm in Cloud Peak area, Wyoming.

Electric Storm

by Wabigoon

The author has placed a warning on this post for sexual content.
Electric Storm

at night
thunder rocks all things
the lucid lakes
in their sockets of stone
the spinal pines
hum in the air
their root claws
wrapped round the stone
hum like my humming bones
about marrows of charge
between flex and reflex of volts
the mountains
no longer content
take giant steps closer
Muse Peak
stampedes between flashes
the air is ionized
to super-conduct
the currents of annihilation
my juiced tongue
slides in a foam 
of blue static
heart beats
the jerk of a pithed frog
the lightning 
hammers its tracery to afterglow
the tent shivers
with the wind’s visitation
you enter like an electrode

my rapist 
is hawk beaked 
is pig eyed
grizzly god
mauling me
a grub filled log
is needle teeth
fish mouth for nymphs
is silence that booms
is cold cirrus
high and light 
off the peaks
is marrow 
of immortal force
in meadow rue
aching toward light
is winging psalm
of the gliding hawk
his taloned strike
from the cover of sun

he takes me
as he takes the tree
down branch crotch
through trunk
igniting every tendril
every root 
hair buried in the dark
loam in the solace
of dreamless sleep
takes me
his smoking spirit holes
buggered through thought
through denial
through no!

he wants me
raving devotions
I must have no other
before him 
burning inside
like magma
like pitch
like Daddy
he wants me singing 
the holocaust
razing the climax forest
for the resurrection
of new growth’s

at his peak 
he leaves
leaves trauma
frozen in stone
frozen in landslide lakes
in arms of wind warped pine
leaves me standing
like the charred pines
their naked spines
rape totems
above burned over ground
for a future
no longer ours

leaves me this morning
this lake 
like a cataracted eye
like a mirror
without me
beneath sky without precedent
utterly cleared
of the human
leaves me these limbs
this body
utterly purged of personality
leaves me this amnesia
this Genesis
of my absence

as I stand making water
a lizard
scurries to the sound
as though 
it were rain


This poem bear some kind of kinship to last poem I posted, "Poetry Comes Like Lightning." It took me probably 20 years to feel this poem, even after writing it..
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