Humor Non-Fiction posted October 7, 2015

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The story of my dancing $5 bill!

Pay It Forward

by wordsfromsue

Saturday! A day to rock out and recall why I work so hard all week long. On this particular day, I finished one errand and headed toward the drive thru at Dunkin' Donuts for a coffee, before heading off to a Zumba class.

What windy things drive thru lanes can be. My spatial judgement isn't great at the best of times, I tend to maneuver as close to the window as possible, in an effort to not have to get out of the car to pay. Singing along to the radio, I steered right up to said window and tried to hear the clerk through the rather windy air.

"That'll be $1.65 please" she stated cheerfully. I handed her my $5 bill. Or, I thought I did. Her hand reached out for it, fell short, and the bill blew away! "Oh, you've got to be kidding!" I said in puzzlement. She thought I was upset and started to apologize. "Sweetie, I'm not mad at you. Just stumped how I'm going to get out of my car?"

I looked back at the bill, it seemed to commence a game of 'Catch Me If You Can'. Reaching through the window toward it, my arm clearly was not going to make contact. Opening the door all of six inches or so, I tried getting one of my rather large feet out and onto the pavement:TRYING being the operative word. My size thirteen tootsies got firmly wedged between the car and door. Oh dear, me thinks I was stuck.

Looking at Miss Coquettish Cash, I saw her dart whimsically back and forth between the car and the building, and renewed my effort to free my foot. Silently questioning why God saw fit to give me feet the size of small row boats or the oars at least, I woefully realized I could NOT get my foot unstuck and began to write off the money as someone's unforseen gift-from-the-universe. Drat.

Pondering my situation and thinking I had feet so big, the local Clown College got all hopeful whenever I walked past their campus. Maybe I imagined that, until they started waving a red nose on a string at me and smiling in a "We're going to reel her in this time!" fashion.

Well, Clown people, I can appreciate a good clown. I even take a whack at clowning around sometimes. Heck, I can clown around, do stand up, and bring a table of friends to tears and snorts that cause the local warthogs to come running. But I think I better keep my day job.

Where was I? Oh, yeah, the 'Blowin' In the Wind' $5 bill. Wait! Out of seemingly nowhere, I witness a handsome young man chatting on his cell phone and smiling at me, while hopping out of his car like a knight on a white charger, to my rescue. He reached down, grabbed the bill and handed it to me, while I gratefully babbled, "Oh, thank you sweetie. You're a peach!" He smiled in return and trotted back to his car.

Thinking how nice it was that there were still great people in the world, I thought of that movie 'Pay It Forward' and asked the cashier how much the young man's order was. $5.38. I could afford to cover that! I told her I'd like to pay for his and to tell him it was because he was such a sweetheart. The $5 bill winked at me, as if that was its plan all along!


Thank you Curly Girly for the lovely picture!
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