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Penelope Penguin goes fishing

by Carolyn 'Deaton' Stephens

"I'll see you in a couple of weeks Peter. When I return I'll bring you a nice warm meal."

"Ok, Penelope, I'll be here when you get back, good luck fishing," Peter shouted as Penelope waddled out of sight. He settled down over their newly laid egg knowing it would be a long two weeks before he saw Penelope and before he had any food to eat.

Penelope Penguin headed out to sea after first telling Peter she would see him in a couple of weeks. She had laid her egg carefully and had transferred it perfectly for Peter to guard and keep warm while she was away fishing. Even though she and Peter had only been married for a short while she knew he would be a great life partner and a wonderful father. After all he had chosen the most beautiful rocks to build their first nest with. She felt warm and happy as she reached the icy waters and dove in to start on her long fishing trip.

Peter in the meantime had lots of time to think as he sat and sat. He turned the priceless little egg faithfully and counted the days until he saw his Penelope again. Two weeks away from each other. It seemed such a long time. But then that was just the beginning. He would eat nothing until Penelope came to relieve him. She would then sit on the egg and he would go fishing for two weeks. This system would continue until their egg hatched and then for months after as each bite of food the fledgling ate would be brought to it by its parents.

"Peter, Peter, Peter, I'm home. Peter, Peter, Peter, I'm home." Penelope came waddling in as quickly as her two short legs would allow. She had started calling for Peter as soon as she had climbed up on the icy shore. She knew he would recognize her voice and that she was on her way to their nest...

"Penelope, I'm here, Penelope, over here, over here," Peter responded.

They kept calling to each other until all at once Peter said excitedly, "I see you, Penelope, welcome home. Now what's for dinner , I'm starved, I haven't had a bite to eat in two weeks."

"Open wide, Peter," said Penelope, as she regurgitated a couple of fish into Peter's mouth. "This ought to hold you for awhile until you catch some fish of your own."

Peter said his goodbyes and turned their egg over to Penelope. He knew instinctively that when he returned Penelope would no longer be sitting on the egg.

If all went well he would be bringing home food for three.


There are several species of Penguins . All live in the Southern Hemisphere. The penguins in the story are most likely Adelies, Chinstraps or Gentoos. What sweet industrious creatures they are.
God is so good. Great lessons on monogamy and parenthood can be learned from the Penguin.
Pays one point and 2 member cents.

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