Fantasy Fiction posted September 25, 2015

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Bigfoot at a Halloween Party

Life of the Party

by mermaids

The candy, the costumes, the pumpkins. Bigfoot loved that human holiday when homosapiens dressed up as witches, ghosts, Yoda, giant bananas and Bigfoot. The large primate had wandered into neighborhoods full of tricks and treaters. He longed to participate in the festive occasion and he marveled at how many individuals were wearing a hairy, ape outfit. Feeling lonely, Bigfoot decided to crash a party. So many individuals in costumes, who would notice him?

The North American ape wandered into a backyard gathering crowded with partygoers. His jaw dropped open, everyone was in costume, a Bigfoot costume. It was eery and weird to him. He rarely socialized with his own kind in the woods, here he could hardly move. Various Bigfoots of all shapes and sizes bumped into him. In addition to the bowls of candy corn and candy bars, alcohol flowed like a river from punch bowls and an open bar.

The hostess of the party, dressed as a female Bigfoot complete with bows and diamond jewelry, announced it was karaoke time and several Bigfoots lined up to demonstrate their musical talent.
The real Bigfoot sang The Impossible Dream on his knees. The applause was like thunder and he was complimented repeatedly. The winner of the contest was a female Bigfoot who sang
Girls Just Wanna Have Fun, second place was a giant Bigfoot who whistled Hello Dolly, third place was a very short Bigfoot who sang the main song from Phantom of The Opera. Bigfoot shrugged his shoulders while petting an all black Persian cat. He really thought he would win.

Bobbing for apples was the next event. Drunken Bigfoots fell into the pool full of apples. False teeth were floating around everywhere. Bigfoot was clearly the most successful, he was able to obtain many apples. He didn't have a mask that fell off into the water. The hostess had no choice but to declare him the winner. He was amazed at the trophy, a golden apple.

He returned to the black Persian cat, she meowed and rubbed against his leg. Bigfoot thought she was the best company of the evening. He scratched behind her ears.

Several more contests were held throughout the evening. From to time, a deejay played music and all the Bigfoots danced. The real Bigfoot won a dance contest, a juggling of pumpkin muffins
contest and a contest of who was the best mime. But the last contest, Bigfoot felt was the real contest. The best Bigfoot costume. Slightly nervous but excited. He paraded across the yard like the amateur film that was shot back in the sixties. He had that same ape walk, upright, but that primate swagger. The Persian cat watched with curiosity. She appeared to be cheering for her new friend. A round of applause erupted. Bigfoot repeated his signature swagger. More applause.

Almost all the Bigfoots paraded their stuff, some stumbled from being inebriated while others just jumped or danced. Bigfoot was stunned when he didn't win. He wasn't even a runner up, there was the big winner, second place, third place and several honorable mentions. He shook his head. He was the real deal and he lost. Tonight no humans were looking for him. He decided to just enjoy the rest of the evening which was now well past midnight.

As dawn was arriving with the moon fading and the sun beginning her ascent, Bigfoot began to leave the party, the black cat rubbed his leg and meowed loudly. Then she spoke. You are the Life of the Party, but foolish humans can't see you are the real thing. He bent down and petted her head and scratched behind her ears. He wandered off into his home, the woods. Silly humans, he thought.

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