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A chapter in the book To Cherish Thorns

To Cherish Thorns

by michaelcahill

All Styles Open Poetry Competition Contest Winner 

To Cherish Thorns
                                 by michael cahill

how heavy laden the river flows
burdened by sugar congealing
under the weight of disingenuous
offerings in tribute to reflections

                yes, the moon shimmers
                                and the glimmer is indeed
                                a dance reminding that chance
                                kicked a stone rippling
                                a perfect pattern of circles
                                carrying dreams to smiling shores

                even the sun, an uncaring furnace
                                appears to play along
                                leaving a trail of stars
                                foreshadowing the coming night
                                as it bids adieu
                                unintentionally dazzling eyes
                                on its endless journey

I don't wish to drudge home just yet. So I meander along the lakefront, consider the sunset ... celebrate quietly the moonrise, trying to make sense of it all. I can skim a pebble 'cross the pond-as before … before what? Before this.

beholding reflections seems a wheedle
a cowardly castigation of the authentic
as though real needs a cradle to rock in
fearing failure should the truth disappoint

                Oh, brave Orion, your belt belies a girth
                of unfathomable expanse
                your shoulder is unaware of your toe
                                you've not a discernable head
                                a handicap had the discerning
                                bothered to consider such things

and dippers great and small
from which nothing is ladled
for a vacuum holds no bounty

where is the majesty in a bear who doesn't growl
or the cuddles in a cub who doesn't squeak in mock bravado

I count stars
each unaware of the other
                                       failing math

note that each
counts me
failing reality

The night slips into reverie as do I. Dreams of nondescript meaning ride dots behind my eyelids. Sleep befalls unacknowledged. The sun ascends unappreciated and behind my back. I recall it sneaking away ... over there, at last glance … clever yellow girl.

oh my the glitter of glancing light upon the newly sequined squalls
that pound the castles long abandoned by their fickle kings'
endless ocean, ever aware that the longer the journey
the more poignant seems the metaphor … yet
though we are nearly the same thing
to consume you would kill me
you laugh splendidly and
beckon me forth
to join with

the rosebush in my garden once was grand
a million roses red beyond what red could be
years passed by and a thousand grew
still glorious and red--a joy to view
then just a few
and finally one
a perfect flower amidst a thorny tower
worth every wound and drop of blood
that caring drew
till finally a stem I still embraced
all that was left of you
a thorn to leave a wound to heal
and what that came to reveal
to me

I once had grandparents
                 and parents too

it is time to go home
this wandering and pondering
                     leads me


yes, I must go home
         where I once had a rosebush


All Styles Open Poetry Competition
Contest Winner

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