War and History Poetry posted September 21, 2015

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First they came... - a forgotten contest entry

Wartime Lullaby

by lightink

I fell asleep with sweet neat burden on my chest.
My dear relaxed soft baby's breathing whispered tales
of warm exotic lands. His chubby hands at rest
did twitch at times, and wove alarming dream details.
A distant lullaby beseeched a soft request:
a peaceful night of sleep for children by the trails
to ease the thousand-mile exhaustion on their quest.
The haunting song just grabbed my heart with iron nails.

         The desert closes its brown eyes
         and dreamy clouds are floating near;
         the sun's asleep in black disguise.
         It's time for you to sleep, my Dear!

         The wind is dreaming of a gust.
         The dirt of road, too, settles here,
          at times, it snores with puffy dust.
          It's time for you to sleep, my Dear!

          The last few bites of bread, too, snooze;
          your bag is tucked in by a smear,
          the wind is rocking your small shoes.
          It's time for you to sleep my Dear!

          The fences sleep between two lands;
          the holes on them will cease to tear
          tonight; patrols give no commands.
          It's time for you to sleep, my Dear!

          The bombs too dream of sweet repeal,
           they want no harm and no more fear;
           all drones and tanks have dreams of steel.
           It's time for you to sleep, my Dear!

          You'll eat some pita, dates with sprat,
          You'll have a home and school all year.
          Just close your eyes, you'll have all that!
          It's time for you to sleep, my Dear!



Apparently, I forgot to enter the "First they came" contest with my fully written piece... well, here it is anyways!
Sometimes, when I sleep my son I see those women in my mind trying to sooth their babies without any security.

The lullaby was inspired by a Hungarian poem called Lullaby written by Attila Jozsef. I found a decent (yet far from perfect) English translation on the following site:
I used the style of the original language, kept the number of syllables and the rhyme structure - however the original one is not written fully in meter.
Debbie Noland can't be the only one playing with different styles :).
Pays one point and 2 member cents.

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