Mystery and Crime Poetry posted September 13, 2015

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Photo challenge, Fan Story inspired

Old Man Dink

by Linda Engel

The author has placed a warning on this post for violence.
The author has placed a warning on this post for language.
The author has placed a warning on this post for sexual content.
My sweet Amy, only fifteen, was the bet her pa made on the side
To old man Dink and his cheating poker who won this child bride
With a jug of whiskey, a pair of Jacks and Aces in the hole
Dink stole my Amy, in that poker game, pure evil in his soul

A month had passed when Amy slipped out early one Summer morn
On her back were two flour sacks filled with all she ever owned
Away from Dink, she ran from Hell, her dress ragged and torn
Into the the misty, dampened woods, her body tired and worn

The sun was hot on old Dink when he went looking for his pretty win
He stomped the ground and snarled his teeth, like a fox hunting for a hen
And when he found his Amy gal, she bared her breast falling to her knees
Old Dink didn't see the butcher knife she held while crying out her pleas

Dink fast approached and grabbed her throat, eyes wild, like a bear
But Amy was quick, with one fast stick and gutted Dink right there
"Old man your soul is on its way to Hell. You'll not touch me anymore."
"You raped and beat and bruised me bad and called me a little whore."

Now, town folk rumored Dink and his gal left to visit distant kin
And Amy's pa just died of shame for he regretted his ghastly sin
But I know where old Dink is today and I know he won't be found
For I helped Amy put him in his grave, blood splattered all around

See, old Dink wasn't fully dead when we laid him in those woods
We buried him up and covered his head and left quietly as we could
For a body can't get any loving when there's no loving to be found
And a body won't get forgiveness now it's buried in the ground


Thanks to Padumachitta for providing the awesome picture for our writing challenge.
There are twelve of now. I am Cat, Jax, TheMomakaDarlene, Tab_that's me, MichaelK, Sweetwoodjax, Pantgynt, Gypsy Blue Rose, barkingdog, and Feral from Malanda
Check them out,

My muse is back but she won't tell where she's been, I told her about the group and she said "Now that's the slap on the ass you needed. Go write"

I've always liked the name Dink for a mean character and the misty, foggy woods looked like the perfect place for a much needed, justified killing.
I purposely used very little punctuation. I wanted it to read somewhat like a ballad , like a story in rhyme.
Pays one point and 2 member cents.

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