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Homeward bound - Via Lismore.

A chapter in the book Our Trip Book.

2013 - Trip 1 Part 2.

by Tootsie55

As we have recommended before it is far better to go back and try and read the first three chapters and any others you might want, to get to know us better. This is nearly the end of the book.
15th May -- Wednesday -- Continental breakfast in dining area again, back to our room and packed up ready to leave, Geoff loaded me up in the car.  Our room was on the 1st floor, room No. 22.  The building had an old, small lift with a picture of Brisbane in 1888 (an old drawing picture) in it.

Geoff got the luggage trolley and someone helped Geoff load it up and into the car.  We were off on our way again, I directed Geoff through part of the city, onto the "Story Bridge", to get to the Freeway, but we missed it, so onto the old road and eventually, the Freeway.

We stopped at Tweed Heads, Centro Plaza to get some lunch, including calling into Woolworths to get a few things.  We had meat pies and a milkshake for lunch.

Back on the Freeway heading towards Ballina, on the M1 Pacific Motorway, we decided to get off the Freeway onto Tweed Valley Way, to Murwillumbah East and go a different way.  Murwillumbah is a fair size town, hilly, Tweed River flowed along the side of the road. 

We went through the town on Uki Road to Uki, Kyogle Road to Mt Burrell, we stopped at the General Store, had ice cream, some cheese and a rest.  Continued onto Blue Knob Road, headed towards Nimbin, quite a drive from here, over the mountains, windy roads and in some parts, the road was in bad shape.

We drove through Nimbin, it was a horrible place, "Flower Power"  (alternate lifestyle) looking, degraded, young people sitting around, talking, drinking and high on drugs.  It reminds me of Kings Cross, a suburb of Sydney.  Filthy.  We didn't stop there, just kept on going. 

Just on the edge of town, there was a bloke, long dark hair, daggy looking clothes, hitchhiking, he could hardly stand up, you could tell he was high on drugs, we kept on driving past him.  Geoff continued on driving to Lismore.

We finally arrived at Lismore mid-afternoon, it took us a lot longer to get there than I expected.  Stayed at Lismore, "Wilson Motel", they had a disabled room, but the bathroom was an L shape with a bath in it, and it was awkward. It had self- constructed 'disabled' facilities, rails put in by the owner, not to Australian Standards* regulations.  The room itself was spacious enough for a wheelchair to move around in.

We rested for the remainder of the day, ordered our meals to our room, Chicken Cordon Bleu and Vegetables.  My back and left arm were in pain when we arrived.  Don't know why, I think I strained my back in Brisbane with the wheelchair trying to get in and out of the bathroom, they had a small step and I had to go in backwards on the big back wheels to get in.  I heated up the wheat bag and put it on my back that night, it helped a lot.  I slept ok, but Geoff was restless. 
16th May -- Thursday -- We had our own breakfast in the room (we bring our own cereals from home, on vacations).   We left the motel, to have a drive around town, to see where Molesworth Street was, this was the street where my Great Great Grandmother and her second husband lived for a while.  There were houses elevated because of flooding, and the road was not very good, no kerb and guttering.

We called into the Information Centre, couldn't get much info, the woman there was not very helpful.  Hoped to visit the Historical Society, but found they were not open till 10 a.m., we decided to forget it. More looking around town, and we drove up to Lismore Memorial Cemetery, along Rous Road, onto Skyline Road, and stopped at the office first.

"The lady was very helpful," Geoff said. "She gave us a lot of information, paper etc., but told us we were in the wrong cemetery." He said.  She told us we had to go over to North Lismore, to the Military & Crawford Road Cemetery.

We went into the first entrance,  a rough old road, just in a little way.  Geoff went to look for more graves (my Grt Grt Grandmother's second husband and Great Grandmother, on my father's side.) He couldn't find them, because there were no headstones, they were unmarked graves.  The graves looked very old and in bad condition. I was very disappointed again. 

We arrived here at 10.40a.m., left at 11.15 a.m., Geoff was getting tired.

We headed back to our motel for the rest of the day, had cheese sandwiches for lunch and watched TV for a while.  Geoff spent some time on the laptop computer.  We ordered our meals for that night, Bangers, (sausages)Mash Potatoes and Vegetables, nice. I put the wheat bag on my back again that night.

17th May -- Friday -- We slept pretty well, the night before.  Packed the car up and left Lismore around 9 a.m.  I took the first drive, towards Casino, 27 km from Lismore, on the Bruxner Highway.  The road was pretty good and Casino was quite a big town, we didn't stop, kept on going.

It was a bit of a drive from Casino to Grafton, on the B91 Summerland Way, and we arrived at 11 a.m.  We stayed at the "Bent St Motel" the motel was elevated because of flooding.  They have elevated walkways to the rooms and undercover parking.

Our room No. 10, a disabled unit, was all the way down the back of the property, it was a very nice spacious and comfortable room for the wheelchair.  The owner and his wife, of the motel, were very nice and helpful.  Alan (the host and owner) helped, carrying all our luggage to our room.

They gave us some lunch, sandwiches, which was good of them.  We got settled and had our showers before it got cold, dressed again because we were going to have tea up in the motel restaurant, called "Zacks", it was a very nice little place.  We had Garlic Bread for entree, for the main course, Lamb Cutlets, Mash Potatoes, Vegetables and Cappuccino Coffee, very nice.
We went back to our room to watch the ABC News and got ready for bed. We had a bad night, because we were in a strange bed again, restless, hot, I was hot from the acrylic doona and it was burning my feet a little.  Took it off for a while then I got freezing cold, Geoff pulled it up and got some sleep. 

We asked the cleaning lady in the morning could she take the doona off and put the blankets on instead.  I think we are both allergic to Acrylic fibre. 

18th May -- Saturday -- Up and left motel at 8.30 a.m., went into town, over the bridge, really old and rusted.   We pulled into the Grafton Shopping World, Woolworths to buy some food and Pureau water for the humidifier, part of Geoff's CPAP machine.   We had a cuppa at Michel's and back to our car.  The shopping world is fairly new, looks really nice.  After the "arvo tea" we pulled out of the undercover parking and drove across the road to get some petrol at Woolworth's petrol station.

I drove around to the Museum but it was not open that day.

We went to have a look at Bent Lane where my father used to live as a child.  It was a short lane looking into people's backyards.  I found out later that the house was on the Corner of Bent Street and Bent Lane.  I must have misheard what Dad said on the phone.

We took a drive along Bent Street, up to the Golf Club, turned around and back to the motel for lunch.  We sat out in the sun for a little while, had lunch, I wrote up my diary and Geoff got on my laptop computer.  I got the clothes ready for packing.

We had tea at the "Zacks" restaurant again, back to our room to watch the News and got ready for bed. We slept better that night because of the blankets, slept for 10 hours.

19th May -- Sunday -- Left Grafton 9-9.30 a.m., I took first drive to Coffs Harbour, which was 84.9 km, 59 minutes, drive on A1, the old Pacific Highway.  We stopped at the Park Beach Plaza, had lunch at the "Morfish" Cafe again and went to Woolworths to get some food.

Geoff drove onto Port Macquarie, which took 2 hours and 3 minutes, drive, for 158.5 km.   We again stayed at the Macquarie Barracks Motel, where they have a disabled unit. We had been there a few times before, it was a good place.  The restaurant is usually closed on weekends, we were able to order pizza, from Eagle Pizza from outside and it was quite nice.

20th May -- Monday -- Left Port Macquarie, I took the first drive to Raymond Terrace, stopped at McDonald's for early lunch for half an hour, Geoff took over driving to Woy Woy.

We arrived at Woy Woy close enough to 2 p.m., from Port Macquarie to Woy Woy was 330 km, 3 hours and 29 minutes, drive.  We stayed at "The Mantra", very good here, but expensive.  The staff helped take our luggage to our room, Room 239, 2nd floor. 
While we were getting settled, one of the staff brought the ramps up for us, so we could go out onto the balcony and have afternoon tea. We have explained the big step over the window track between the room and balcony, before.

Geoff rang up his friend Jim, to arrange to meet us around 5-5.30 p.m. in our room.  We had a short chat before heading down to the Club next door for tea.  
We had a Roast dinner with baked vegetables, very nice.  We all chatted for a couple of hours.  Jim paid for our meals, which was nice of him.  It was good to see Jim & Nadia again.  We went back to our room for the evening.

21st May -- Tuesday -- Geoff was up early and brought in a hot cup of tea for me to wake up at 6 a.m.  Up and ready to go, packed and anxious to get home.  We left around 9 a.m., the staff came and helped us with our luggage down the lift, again.  We had to get some petrol on our way out at Umina. 

We had a good run home, arrived around lunchtime.  Good to be home.  Unpacked the car, had lunch, trying to get settled.  Both very tired from the trip.  It took us a few days to catch up on sleep.


Sorry folks not many photos in this chapter. Our photo we repeat on this chapter is the Old Brisbane picture referred to in the lift (Elevator for USA folks) at the hotel in Brisbane.

But we do have some Links for you to check out.




A note about Australian Standards.Most accommodation in Australia, with disabled facilities are required to comply with an Australian Standard. There is a specific As number for Disabled bathrooms. We attempted to get that info to share here, unsuccessfully, sorry.
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