Romance Poetry posted July 28, 2015

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Dance me till the end of love

To The End Of Love


Sometimes people ask me where or how do I get the inspiration of the things I write.. I say, like many a writer, I don't really have an answer for that. It may have been an old man sitting alone in a rocking chair on a sweltering hot southern night thinking about his wife who has passed. It may have been a loving kiss between two lovers on a beach . Perhaps a child crying over a lost pet. But I can say the one thing that has inspired me most is the words of others. Their stories,their heart breaks, their lost loves. And yes that love that lasted for ever. I have danced many times to the end of love. There have been times the music has ended long before I wished it had. But at times it also lasted too long and I was not aware that I was dancing to a rhapsody in blue. Sometimes that rhapsody is shared by both. Sad yes, but truth has a way surfacing. A rhapsody in blue, shared by two, heals much faster than that shared by only one. Both will take many memories, both good and not so good, store them in the cedar chest of their minds. Let us hope that neither loses the key that opens that chest. For if one does then the time they spent together will mean nothing more than a fleeting moment in life . That would be very sad indeed .
So here is one of the songs that inspire the words I write or have written


A quite a bit different from what I usually post... but when one is know to write from the soul this is what soul is all about Truth, Love
and unfortunately Parting.;..What once was is no longer is...
Pays one point and 2 member cents.

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