Romance Poetry posted July 27, 2015

This work has reached the exceptional level
A love poem


by CD Richards

For Jayne

Two hundred billion galaxies,
times a hundred billion suns;
"How many's that?" you ask, my love-
well clearly, it is tons.

There's more stars in the sky than
grains of sand (for what it's worth)
to be found on all the beaches
on this orb we call The Earth.

Though from those countless balls of fire
the starlight tumbles down,
no star commands the power you have
to wipe away my frown.

* * *
The ocean wraps two thirds of all
the surface of our globe.
The astronauts from space can see
a wondrous blue-hued robe

enveloping our planet,
and sometimes causing strife-
and yet we owe our all to it
for water brings forth life.

The waves, they hold no fears for me
nor what beneath them lies,
there's nothing else that matters when
I'm drowning in your eyes.

* * *
You're not a goddess, it is true,
or an angel, that is clear.
What need is there of Heaven
when I can have you near?

You're basically just carbon
with some other stuff thrown in;
Aphrodite's doppelganger?
Not with that sun-browned skin.

Yet, when you turn your smile on me,
the others all retreat;
they know my heart belongs to you-
it thumps, and skips a beat.

* * *
In the morning when the sun comes up,
my day falls into place
when the first thing that I see there
is the sunlight on your face.

Though daytimes we are oft apart,
the moments I hold dear
are generally the ones, my love,
when I can have you near.

And when the day is done,
I know I shall sleep tight
when your image is the last one
on my retina at night.

* * *
They say our world will barbeque
four billion years from now
that doesn't bother me a bit-
I'll be dead anyhow.

But what would make me lose
any desire to carry on
and kill the joy of living
is to wake and find you gone.

And so, my love, when we are old
don't leave; my heart would burst.
Hold my hand and smile that smile-
let the cosmos take me first.

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