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Smart Religion?

by Deniz22

Banal Professional Diversified Promotional Services
#1 Advent Street

Dear Judas,

I am writing this letter to let you know the offer of the services of Banal Professional Advisors to promote your friend's organization is officially rescinded. While we appreciate your alerting us to this up and coming populist movement, we have found its leader, "difficult", to say the least.

We first offered him free advice so he would realize the value of our expertise in all things to do with one's public image. He rejected our counsel then as well as on subsequent occasions. He continues to either ignore our comments entirely, or go directly against them. This is NOT the way to build a lasting organization!

Take the matter of Nicodemus...here is a man who is well worth cultivating. He's respected as the leading Rabbi, and a friend to many influential members of the Jewish ruling class. There's no telling how far this new movement could go with this man's help. Society could be affected for hundreds of years if your leader played this card correctly. Yet we heard your "friend" and "leader" disregarded Nicodemus' friendship, credentials, and praise. Instead, we are told, he actually attacked his spirituality! Unthinkable! "You must be born again"...what kind of hocus-pocus talk is that with which to build lasting relationships?

And yet, the movement was so promising when it first began! That business of publicly loving the little children...such things are priceless in building one's public image...and in this business, image is everything. Yet was it really necessary to tamper with such a "feel-good" moment by threatening child molesters with eternal punishment??

And frankly, we have to question the advisability of being seen with several different lower class women on separate occasions. I mean, really! Defending a whore? Before the august body of Pharisees? Makes one question; exactly WHAT is he trying to accomplish?

We noted too, the type of men he is drawing into his inner circle. Losers all---from the ex-tax collector Matthew, to the loud-mouthed Peter, nothing but a FISHERMAN, for Heaven's sake! We have heard amazing reports of his delusional attempts at walking on water! He was very red-faced, we are told, as he crawled back in the boat with the other motley crew of "followers".

So dear Judas, our friend, we believe you have hitched your wagon to a star...but alas, to a shooting star, which will soon burn out. We are concerned too, with the growing animosity of the religious leaders against this upstart. These are NOT men with which to trifle! A man who won't take our advice in these matters of public relations in these unsettled times is in trouble...very serious trouble. Be warned, friend of ours. This incendiary leader of yours could easily find himself getting crucified!

So we advise you to cut your losses. Get what you can while you can, and get out. Better to cut your ties with him now. You have your whole life ahead of you. Don't lose your reputation as a shrewd man and get hung out to dry. Think of your future!

For Banal Professional Diversified Promotional Services,

                             I. B. Sowise



Jesus said He came from Heaven. He said we must undergo a change which is beyond any human capacity in order to go to Heaven with Him. He said we have to be "born-again" by believing Him. Just trust Him. You can believe Him. Read His own words and then judge for yourself. Ask yourself, "Can I believe the Person described in the pages of the Gospel of John?"

John 20:30,31: And truly Jesus did many other signs in the presence of His disciples, which are not written in this book, but these are written that you may believe that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God, and that believing you may have life in His name.
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