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Our Final Trip To Adelaide, Sth Aust

A chapter in the book Our Trip Book.

2010 - Trip 1 - A Time of Closure.

by Tootsie55

This is our final trip to Adelaide. New readers might find it a help and insight to our particular dispositions, and special needs in travel as disabled folks, by starting from Chapter 1.
26th May – Wednesday – We left home at 8.10 a.m. and it was a very wet morning.  The traffic was pretty thick from home to the M4 Freeway through to the M7 till past the Campbelltown exit.  The rain was very heavy on the M7 and M5 Freeways.  The traffic eased off after a while and the weather cleared up before we got to Yass.
We stopped at the eatery, comprising a McDonald’s, near Marulan for our 2nd breakfast and restrooms.  Geoff did the driving for the first 2 hours and I did the rest to Wagga Wagga, 3 hours later. The distance from Penrith to Wagga Wagga is 458kms.

We got to Wagga Wagga after 1 p.m. and went to the shops to get some lunch, petrol and on to the Heritage Motor Inn. Room No.10; a disabled unit was ok.  We arrived there at 2.20 p.m. and got settled, Geoff was resting while I wrote up my diary.  We had tea in our room, that night.

27th May – Thursday – We got up late and were trying to get going.  The rain was on and off and the traffic through Wagga Wagga was heavy, once out of town it was ok.  Geoff did the first drive and we stopped at Lockhart to try to find public disabled restrooms.  The distance from Finley to Lockhart was 139kms.

We finally found Hebden  Street and saw the Community Centre. We noticed there were elderly people going in there for their day out function, we knew there would be disabled restrooms in there.  Geoff went in and asked them if we could use their restrooms.

 “Yes you may,” they said.

 We went in, finding the community centre to be a nice place. We got back into the car and headed back into town. We bought some morning tea and drove on through Urana.  We stopped before Jerilderie, at the side of the road to change drivers.  I drove on from there to Swan Hill.    This included stopping at Jerilderie to get some lunch at a Milk Bar.

We left Jerilderie and drove on to Finley and stopped at the General Store, where we always stop.  We noticed the petrol pumps had been taken out.  The owner recognized Geoff and they were glad to see each other. Distance from Wagga Wagga to Finley was 237kms.
On to Swan Hill via Deniliquin, arriving at 4.30 p.m., where we got some petrol,  after which we found the Lady August Motel. We had Room No. 7.
The distance from Deniliquin to Swan Hill was 173km. 
28th May – Friday – We left Swan Hill early, 7 a.m. with a long drive ahead.  I drove from Swan Hill to  Lameroo.  On the way, we stopped at the town of Underbool for a cuppa, with morning tea goodies. Thinking ahead for lunch, we bought some sandwiches as well. Stopped at Lameroo for restrooms, lunch and Geoff drove on the final leg from Lameroo all the way to Willunga. 
A good drive to Strathalbyn, until we got onto Paris Creek Road, getting stuck behind an oversize "Turf" truck on a narrow, one lane road.  All double unbroken lines and hilly.  Geoff was tired, keen to get to the end of our journey. He was also getting impatient and was trying to get around the truck but he couldn’t. 
He was going over the unbroken lines (an offence, of course) and a Highway Patrol Officer came up the other way and did a u-turn and followed us into the town of Meadows. He pulled Geoff over and booked him. The officer was a nice fellow.  We don’t remember if Geoff was breathalized, but no matter as we don’t drink, anyway.
They both chatted while the ticket was being filled out, for a $288 fine.  That disappointed us both.
We arrived in Willunga and onto McLaren Vale Motel, to our  Room No. 9 around 2.30-3p.m. We got settled and Geoff had a lie down for a while, I organised our clothes and things ready for the next day.   Distance from Swan Hill to Willunga - one of our longest stretches- was 528km, taking 5 hrs 43 minutes including the Mallee Highway and the Wellington Car Ferry. (There was a photo of the Wellington Ferry on a previous chapter.)

Adelaide was wet, that weekend. We left to go to Kathy and Jos’s place for tea, it was pouring with rain and Jos helped us in.  They welcomed us and we talked about a lot of things while having tea.  We drove back to our motel in the rain, still a very dark night. 
29th May – Saturday – McLaren Vale - We were up early, had breakfast and it was very wet outside.  Kathy came and picked us up at 12 noon. We went in her car to go and see the Gilbert and Sullivan Operetta - “The Pirates of Penzance”.
We really appreciated Kathy driving us into the city. We "shouted*" her the ticket to the production as a "thank you" for her kindness in transporting us and providing the lunch. We talked a lot during the drive into Adelaide for the performance at the Scott’s Theatre - a part of Adelaide University, in Kintore Road, We also made short work of the sandwiches and drinks she brought along for us all. We got there and found the place but finding a parking spot was hard, so glad to finally grab one. 
The show went for 2 ½ hours and it was good. I’m glad Kathy drove us in there and back as I wouldn’t have found the place.  There were a lot of road works and it was very wet.  Kathy drove us back to her place to have tea, following which she also took us back to our motel.  The show was the only highlight of our trip. 
30th May – Sunday – McLaren Vale - We didn’t go to church with Kathy and Jos for various reasons.  These included being worn out from the activites the previous day. We arrived at Kathy and Jos’s place around 12 noon and had some lunch with them.  Kathy and I had our private talks while Geoff and Jos had theirs. 
It was pleasing to see that Jos had fixed up the back yard, at last, paving and awning cover, big area for a BBQ and gatherings. We reckon Kathy must have finally won the day on that score.
That night they had a BBQ tea with the whole family except Elise, the eldest, who worked in Sydney. The family all had problems, including not living for the Lord, and Kathy and Jos were very sad about their kids’ choices and lifestyles. It was very sad for us to see them as they were then and disappointing too.  Kathy and Jos were not in a Church Ministry anymore and going to a different church.
Just before we had tea, Jos made a grand speech, which was a bit unusual, like a farewell speech to us, we were a bit surprised.  He was probably a bit sad that we would not be able to come down and visit anymore. We were cutting back on long-distance driving for a number of reasons, including back pain and so on resulting from said long distance travels. After we had tea, we all went into the lounge room and Jos wanted to watch “Master Chef,” a programme of cooking competitions and so on, so we said our goodbyes.  We went back to our motel for the final night.
On the morning prior to the lunch and tea with Jos and Kathy, we had checked out the other disabled unit room - No. 25. It was quite small and the bathroom looked very awkward, not much room for a wheelchair.  Management had suggested we check it out in the event, on a future visit, the family room that we currently occupied, was not available.  It turned out to be no good for us - confirming the Family room much better for us. We would not be returning in any case.
31st May – Monday – McLaren Vale.- We were up early, got ready to leave - a nice fine day for going home, but it was cold.  We left there at 7.20 a.m. and Geoff did the first drive.  Leaving McLaren Vale into Willunga, I started crying because I was so sad about Kathy, Jos & their family and getting fined. Plus knowing that we were not coming down there, anymore. 
It wasn’t a pleasant trip this time.  I cried for about ½ hour.
We stopped at Lameroo and got some morning tea and had a cuppa and bought some sandwiches for later.  (Notice not Macca's for once!) I took over driving to just outside of Manangatang, where there was a truck rest stop area.  We had a drink and chips and Geoff drove from there to Swan Hill, over the border in Victoria.
1st June – Tuesday – We left Swan Hill at 9.05 a.m. It was a nice fine day.  Geoff drove first to Deniliquin and we had some lunch at McDonald’s.  Following lunch, I drove on from Deniliquin to Wagga Wagga.
Enroute to Wagga Wagga, we stopped at Finley General Store and had a cuppa and ice cream and said our goodbyes to the owner of the shop because he had the shop up for sale.  We might not see him again.  We continued on and arrived in Wagga Wagga around 4 p.m., where we got some petrol at Coles Service Station, then on to our motel for tea. 
2nd June – Wednesday – Fine day.  We left Wagga Wagga at 7.10 a.m. and it was freezing this morning.  Geoff took the first drive to Goulburn where we had our "second breakfast" at McDonald’s.  Then I took over driving and we arrived home around lunchtime.
We knew this was going to be our last trip to Adelaide because of our health and with our aches and pains from all the long hours of driving.  Adding to all the rest was the fact that there had been no reasons to return.  
There was something else we omitted to add in here: Has anyone noticed there was no mention of Internet Cafe or Geoff's Internet time? The reason is this year we got our Laptop computer. Geoff had been at me and at me for us to get a laptop for ages, so this year we finally got our Lenovo Laptop. Besides Geoff wanting it, I was in the process of starting Family Research, so I neede my own equipment for that.



Picture Description:
Top Left: Trip Map Top Right: Pirates Poster
Second Left:McLarenvale Motel
Second Right: Mallee Highway
Third left: Kathy and Jos's youngsters
Third Right: Growing up
Fourth Left: Jos and Kathy and Me and Geoff 2010.
Fourth Right Jos and Kath and Family, 2010.
Some general information:
In Australia to 'shout' someone means to pay for something for them. Whether a drink or in this story a ticket to the show.
Going along the Mallee Highway from Piangil to Tailem Bend is 378 km, it is a long drive. The Mallee Highway is the shortest route from Adelaide to Sydney, Canberra and the Snowfields. In this land of sunshine, big skies and rich character, you'll discover a whole new world.

It's not a world you can experience just driving through; it's a world you need to stop, look at, and consider. Don't assume there's nothing to see or do. Like many things in life, the Mallee's beauty is in the detail.

In this seemingly vast landscape, the Mallee's richness is in the smallest detail, like unique wildflowers and the rare and shy Malleefowl, the passionate and welcoming communities and determined Mallee heritage. The Mallee seems to have the fluffiest clouds and on a clear night there's a trillion stars sprinkled across the sky. This is a very proud community and region to explore.., there's
nothing like the Mallee anywhere else in the world!

The first Link gives you many options of things to see. Click on the many live links within the first one below.

The Mallee Highway World of Information

Murray River- Swan Hill

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