Children Poetry posted July 5, 2015

This work has reached the exceptional level
A children's poem about getting ready to board the ark

Noah's Animal Trouble

by Linda Kay

"I'll pack an ark,"
Said Noah one day.
"Animals get ready,
We're leaving today!"

"What should I pack?"
Wondered one little worm.
"All I need is dirt
And a dark place to squirm.

"I know what I'll take,"
Bleated the sheep.
"Lots of soft pillows
To count when I sleep."

"What should I pack? "
The elephant said with a grunt.
"I can fit a lot
in my nice, big, long trunk."

"I know what I'll take,"
The dove said with a coo.
"I think I'd like
An olive or two."

"What should I pack?"
Worried the tiny gnat.
"I need protection
So I'm not squashed flat."

"I know what I'll take,"
Said the horse with a neigh,
"In case I get hungry,
I'm bringing some hay!"

"What should I pack?"
Babbled the baboon.
"Maybe an umbrella,
In case of monsoon."

" I know what I'll take,"
Bragged the kangaroo.
"Some boxing gloves
For something to do."

"What should I pack?"
Fretted the fiddler crab.
"I'll use my huge claw,
Tell me what to grab."

"I know what I'll take,"
The wombat squeaked.
"I'll need some bark
To gnaw with my teeth."

"What should I take?"
Asked the coiled up boa.
"Can I roam the whole boat?
I'll just ask Noah."

"I know what I'll take,"
The iguana yawned.
"Lots of that fruit,
Of which I'm so fond."

"What should I take?"
Questioned the yak.
"Carry your own bag,
Get it off of my back."

"I know what I'll take,"
Declared the bald eagle.
"A white cap for my head,
So I'll look quite regal."

"What should I pack?"
The sloth slowly slurred.
"We're leaving tomorrow,
Is that what I heard?"

"I know what I'll take,"
Snickered the sly fox.
"I bet I can trap
Some prey in a box."

"What should I pack?"
Said the shy little deer.
"Should I bring my own camo,
Or is there grass near?"

"I know what I'll take,"
Whispered one of the llamas,
"If spending the night,
I'll need my pajamas."

"Wait!" the alpaca announced
To them all.
"There's nothing to pack,
Nothing big, nothing small."
"Here is exactly
What Noah told us to do."
He said, " Quick, grab a buddy,
And line up by two!"

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