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Semi Colon

by Deejharrington

Monday, I plan on getting my fourth tattoo. Didn't know I had any? Yup, the first was a horseshoe with a rose, then came my initials, the third is a memorial to my sister. This one will be a semi colon. Why the heck would I want that permanently etched on my body? It's a story worth telling.

The idea started about a year ago and has spread worldwide. As all of you know, the semi colon is used when a writer wants to continue a thought, connecting phrases without a period. I know that is the simplified version of the rule, but stay with me. People who have overcome challenges during their lives have adopted the symbol. To them, it signifies facing life's road blocks and staying the course. It might be depression, abuse, anxiety, or suicide attempts. A semi colon shows the world that they will continue, survive, and excel. Almost all of us have things that would bring a lesser person to their knees. With my history, I am among those who have gotten off my knees and grabbed my life back. The semi colon will remind me, and everyone else, I am a survivor. As a writer, it seems even more appropriate.

I am going to put it on the inside of my right wrist. It will be a semi colon with four butterfly outlines. Within the wings will be four words; Truth, Courage, Love, and Blessed.

Some of you may believe I'm crazy or are against tattoos for religious reasons. For me it signifies that I've taken my life back. Google semi colon tattoos and see the wave of popularity. For those of you who believe in the cause but not needles, they do sell t-shirts.

By the way, they really don't hurt.


Tattoos are a very personal choice. You either hate or love them. Don't knock it till you've tried it. Either way, please pass the message.
I was very pleased with the original illustration; I thought you might like to see the final product. The semi colon symbolizes life goes on and the butterfly to the continued renewal of the future.
Pays one point and 2 member cents.

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