Romance Poetry posted July 4, 2015

This work has reached the exceptional level
Refection of the past

Let Me Love Again


I do think we all have looked into that rear view mirror of our lives and seen the scattered remains of poor judgement lying in broken pieces upon that road we call "life"... So here is my rendition on how that mirror reflected in my eyes

I am staring at the keys on this keyboard. Thoughts of the words I'm trying to express seem so difficult now to relay from my fingers to this magic board.
Once my feeling flowed easily ...When you read them you said I made your day brighter... Made you feel alive ...Made your day start with a smile ...How nice that was to hear ...How it made me smile too.
Now it seems these keys are sluggish ... Not wanting to express my deepest feelings... Seems yesterday I let my heart overrule my judgment...Let my heart cloud my mind ... Something I was never to do again I said...But life is not always filled with the best judgments one has made...
Life comes with a rear view mirror ... That mirror is called your memory...
As I look back now I see many of my judgments are scattered upon the highway of my past.
Most I have learned from... Some I have not ...Some changed my life... Some have hurt others... Many have hurt only myself
Again it seems that my judgment, in terms of the heart, are scattered upon the black top of my life
Thought that I found the one ...One who I wanted to share the love I have inside me... Wanted so much for her to share the same.
Like most roads our relationship had some pot holes... But they were quickly filled... Our passion ran like a Corvette on a highway that had no speed limit...
But as one knows... Speed can kill...
Maybe it was the beauty of her body... Maybe it was the way she purred... Maybe just the lust of life she seemed to have that made the thrill more and more enticing...
Today, though her beauty still spurs my mind, the fuel has run dry...
Once that passion, which fueled that very engine... Made it purr ...Is now stalled,stuck in the quagmire of my shattered past...
I let her look into my mirror... Gave her what she asked for...Even went back and picked up many of the pieces that I thought I had left behind for good....But to my sorrow, she took those pieces, scattered as they were, made them a photograph in her mind... Now that is what she sees.
Can not, nor do not blame her for what she now visions as me ... What I was can not be changed
I am not a life's mechanic ...I looked in my heart last night to see if the problem can be repaired... Wanting to start the engine of passion once again...To hear it purr... To hear its beauty racing through our lives...But I can not solve the problem... It is festered too deep for me to understand ...
I have no delusions ... I have seen what my rear view mirror has shown ... That sometimes pieces of one's life lay upon the highway ... Scattered...Too broken ...Too destroyed...To be able to be fixed...

To try and put them back together again with out her will be a difficult task... I will have to look in that mirror of my life again ...Maybe, just maybe, I can repair some of those broken parts and they

"Will let me love again."


Been away for a while with no internet capabilities... But when I was able to connect this flowed from my mind to my fingers to this keyboard then to Fan Story... We all have rear view mirrors that reflect our past..Some reflections make us smile... Some make us frown... Some will make a tear fall..and for some, the mirror well be forever broken.... This is a story of a that broken rear view mirror...
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