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A chapter in the book AM I HUMAN

Chapter 36

by dmt1967

Jake sniffed the air and opened one eye. He stretched and sat up.

The general smiled. “Morning, Jake.” He poured Jake a coffee and continued to munch on a sandwich. Blood poured out of it with every bite he took.

Jake rolled out of bed, rolled up his sleeping bag and grabbed the cup off the table on his way out of the door.

The captain sat on the porch with Eva.

Jake sat beside her and took a sip from the cup. Even after all this time, I still hate the thought of blood. He shuddered. Blood on a kill is cool, but eaten raw animals and the taste of blood...

“Come on you two, we need to get a move on if we want to be back by tonight.” He kissed Eva on the cheek. “And you need to get out of the sun before it rises my love.”

Eva frowned. “Are you sure you don't need any more men. The three of you taking on the whole wolf pack...”

The general kissed Eva's forehead and gave her a quick squeeze. “The three of us will be fine. It will be easier to sneak into the castle, kidnap my father and sneak out again undetected. Besides, if the vampire's decide to attach, I need all my men here to make sure you are safe.”

Eva nodded and pursed her lips. “I will need to get them ready for battle” – she smiled – “and I’m sure you won't be arriving back alone.”

The general sighed and started to walk towards the trees with the captain and Jake hot on his heels. “No my love. I expect the whole pack to be hot on our tail when we arrive back.”


The castle loomed ahead as the trio crept closer to it. The general raised his hand. “Keep your eyes peeled for a patrol of some kind. There wasn't one at the border, so maybe they haven't heard about the abduction of my father-in-law yet but I don't want to take any chances.”

Jake scrambled up a tall tree and peered into the grounds of the castle. He spotted a few werewolves. But nothing that spell danger. He jumped to the ground and landed beside the general. “So what now?” Jake whispered. “There doesn't seem to be anyone around.”

“The general rubbed his chin. “I think the best thing would be if Jake and I were to creep in,” – he turned to the captain – “While you keep look out. If you see anything, just whistle.”

The captain tipped his head from side to side. “Will you hear me?”

The general grinned and nodded. “We are half wolf and have excellent hearing.”

He started to creep in the direction of the castle. Jake glanced back at his human father and smiled. “Don't worry dad we will be back before you know it.”

“Take care son,” his father whispered to an empty space as Jake also moved towards the castle grounds and disappeared from sight.

Jake caught up to the general outside the big iron gates. “So what's the plan?”

“We go in, get my father and take him back to the cabin,” the general whispered.

Jake rolled his eyes. “I know that! I thought maybe you had a plan for doing that? Or do you expect them to leave the door open for you?”

The general pushed the gate and it swung open.

“It might be a trap.”

The general shrugged. “Maybe, but maybe someone left it open and is on our side.”

Jake froze. “Have we got someone like that here?”


A tall boy emerged from the bushes. “It's good to see you master Filtiam.”

The general shook the boys hand. “Hi, James. Is everything in place?”

The young lad nodded. “I gave them Adrian's potion last night and there all sleeping like puppies, but we need to get a move on, I don't know how long my brother's potions last.”

Brother... what brother... Adrian didn't have a brother, did he? No Callore would have told me, wouldn't she?

The general glanced at Jake and grinned. “I will go get my father while you fill Jake in.”

James held out his hand and Jake shook it.

“Do you know Adrian's story?”

Jake nodded.

“Well after he disappeared the whole family suffered. The wizard Adrian upset was very powerful in the community and banished me and my parents from our lands. I wanted to go and search for my brother, but my father forbade it as he blamed Adrian for our bad luck. I left them and found myself in werewolf territory where Your father and uncle found me. They took me back to the castle and gave me a home.”

“But the war... and my mother,,, Does Adrian know you're alive?”

“I am loyal to the clan, but this fight isn't right. Father against father... We are noble creatures and not vamps... We should stand together like our ancestors...”

Jake heard footsteps and the fir on the back of his neck stood on end. He clenched his fist and faced the noise.

The general ran towards them with a body slung over his shoulder. He passed the two young men and picked James up as he passed. “The rest of the pack are waking up. Come on lads we need to go and go now!”

Jake over took James and the general and ran out of the gate. He ran through the woods, picked up the captain and didn't slow down until he saw the border. He glanced behind him and saw the general stumble. A pack of hungry dogs pounced on him, but he managed to throw them off. He started to run once more.

Jake placed the captain on the ground and waited for the general to catch up.

“Why are you stopping?” The general growled.


The group gazed at the area around the cabin. 'Pires and vampires were in battle and blocked off their path to safety.

“Now what?” Jake gasped.

James smirked. “I can get us to the cabin.” He pulled out a bag, opened it and took out some dust. “This wont hurt a bit,” he chortled as he sprinkled the dust over the group and made them disappear.

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