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A chapter in the book AM I HUMAN

Chapter 35

by dmt1967

The author has placed a warning on this post for violence.

Jake tensed and clenched his fist. He moved closer to the captain and pushed him aside. His hair rose, and he put one leg in front of the other as he prepared for attack mode.

The general placed a hand on his son’s shoulder and shook his head. He smiled at the ogres and raised his hands. “Gentlemen, this is not your fight. If you let us leave now, we promise not to hurt you.”

The big creatures roared with laughter. “There are three of us and one of you,” one of them chortled 

Jake shook his head. Ogres were not the smartest creatures in the forest, but he thought they could count.

One of the monsters grinned and nudged his comrade. “The boy thinks we count him and the human as warriors, Kog.”

“How cute,” Kog sneered. He took a step into the hut. “We fight men, boy. You and the human don't count, and as for these...” he jerked his head towards the two soldiers with the coffin, “we wouldn't sully our hands-on mongrels like them.”

The general sighed. “You know I think I've changed my mind. For insulting my son, I'm going to kill you myself.” He crouched down and sprang at the ogre called Kog.

His companions jumped in front of their friend and all four fell on the ground. The general untangled himself from the bodies and took a step back. “Jake and I will deal with this.” He turned towards the two 'pire soldiers “You two take the vampire king to the cabin. Eva should be there with the rest of the army by now. If we are not back by nightfall, tell her to take a few good 'pires and carry on with the plan.” He turned to the captain, “You go with them. Sit on the coffin and hold on. They will have to run to make it before nightfall.”

“You and Jake can't handle three!”

The general's eyes narrowed. “I don't have time to argue.” He picked the captain up and plonked him on the coffin. Hold on to the handle bars.” Out of the corner of his eye, he spotted an ogre called Gall disentangle himself from the bundle of bodies on the ground and lunge at him. “Go.”

Jake jumped on Gall’s back and pierced the monster’s neck with his teeth. The creature shook his head, and Jake fell off and rolled towards a muddy puddle. He stopped inches away on his back and lay there for a moment. The ogre produced a sword and ran at the fallen 'pire. Jake spotted him and rolled out of the way, jumped to his feet and pulled out a dagger from his belt. He ducked and punched the dagger into the ogre’s heart.

Gall took a step back, pulled the blade out and threw it on the grass. He ran at Jake again.

“How do you kill these things?” Jake yelled as he dodged another swipe of the thick heavy blade of Gall's sword.

“It's the ears... You cut off their ears to kill them. Ogres need to hear to live.”

Jake pushed the ogre away “You're joking!”

The general jumped onto Kog's back. “I know as parents me and your mother... haven't been the best... role models, but I would think... You'd have... a bit more faith in my... ability to know when to... and when not to... joke.”

Jake sighed, dodged Gall's fist and punched him in the stomach, the creature grunted and doubled up as he toppled to the ground. Jake jumped on top of him, took both hands and held his ear. He opened his mouth and severed the ear from the head. The ogre twitched and tried to throw Jake off. The young 'pire dodged another blow and pounced on the other ear. He bit that one off as well. Gall twitched once, fell on his back and lay still.

Jake rolled off the monster and sat up. He gazed around the compound and saw the other ogres were dead as well. The general leaned against a tree.

Jake stood and walked towards him. “Are you, all right?”

The general nodded. “Yes, only a few cuts and bruises. Ogres might be dumb, but they can fight.”

Jake scratched his head. “I'm surprised the rest of the vamps and their followers didn't come to help.”

The general gazed at the other huts scattered around. “The vampires can't and the 'pires who have joined his evilness, well he might have changed them already, or are out hunting.”

Jake rubbed the back of his neck and bit his lip. “Just in case... let’s go.”

He turned towards the hills and started to run. Jake glanced back once and saw his father a few trees away, and grinned. The between the two territories came into view. He turned left, as he past the last tree and headed towards the cabin. The general caught up, and they ran side by side to the cabin. As they approached, the duo slowed down to a walk. The sun set as the door swung open, and Eva emerged from the doorway.

She smiled as she spotted them and threw herself into her husband’s arms. She touched a cut on his face. “My love, Baldalph and Cirngi were back hours ago. I was worried.”

The general took his wife’s hands and kissed them. “Where is your dad?”

Eva wrinkled her nose. “He's in the bedroom. Don't worry, I have put the spell Adrian gave me. He can't escape or get out unless we want him to.”

The general walked towards the little log cabin. “I thought he'd make more noise.”

Eva smiled and linked arms with her son and husband. “I also gave him the knock out potion Adrian made in case of trouble. Well...”

The general grinned. “It will keep him quiet at least.”

Jake yawned.

Eva smiled and walked to the larder. She took out a lump of meat, cut it in half and gave the uncooked half to the general, “I think we all need sleep and food before part two of the plan can be carried out.”

Jake shook his head and walked to a cot at the far side of the cabin. “Not for me, thanks. I will eat when I wake up.” He unrolled a sleeping bag and climbed inside. “Is the captain all right.” I should have asked that the moment we arrived.

Eva grinned. “Yes, but is he mad.” She faced the general. “What did you do to him? He came in here ranting and raving about being thought of as weak, and he can handle any fight we can...”

The general waved his arms. “They were ogres, and he is only human.”

Eva pursed her lips. “Filtiam Randal Wolfhound, you sound like my father.”

“Sorry dear, but he is a human and no match for an ogre.” He glanced over at his son. “Jake will back me up on this one.”


Eva shook her head. “You will take him on the next mission and keep him safe.”

The general bit down on the deer leg in his hand, wiped the blood off his chin with the back of his hand and closed one eye. “Yes dear,” he muttered as he hung his head.                            

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