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A chapter in the book AM I HUMAN

Chapter 34

by dmt1967


Jake perched on the edge of the branch and gazed into the vampire’s campsite. He heard a rustle of leaves behind him and spun around.

The general grinned. “It's only me, relax.”

Jake sighed. “Don't creep up on me like that.”

The general shrugged and sat by the tree trunk. He looked up at the sky. “It's almost dawn. We will attack then. Hopefully the vamps will be at their weakest. We will sneak into the enemy’s campsite, grab the vampire king and out before anyone will realize what is happening.”

Jake ran his fingers through his hair. “I hope so. It will be hard to explain to the cubs that their father is a cold hard killer.”

“So is their mother.”

“You're not helping, you know.”

The general put his hand on his son's shoulder. “Sorry... I know it's hard... Things will get better...”

They heard a noise in a bush to the left of the tree. The captain poked his head out and waved.

The general shook his head. “Speaking of fathers, I wish he wasn't here.”

Jake smiled. “He's been there for me all of my life, you think he was going to sit, a battle this important and dangerous, on the sidelines!”

“I had hoped... He is a good man but he is human and... Well... He is human.”

“I'd rather have twenty captains than one creature any day of the week,” Jake growled.

The general peered into the campsite once more. “How were the children and Callore last night?” 

Jake curled his arms over his head. “The same. A green solid block, but even when she wakes our problems won’t be over. Adrian is no nearer to a solution than he was last month. She will wake soon and be transformed into a man, and as for me...”

The general put his hand around Jake's shoulder. “Adrian will come through, you'll see.”

Jake sighed and stared into space. “I hope so. At least the cubs are too small to really understand and they are being looked after by Vera and Eva until Callore has woken up.”

“Will Vera be able to take care of the little ones while the plan is in motion? Most of the army will be at the cabin by now with Eva and her coffin.”

“What, because she's a human?” Jake scowled.

“No! Because taking care of one child is hard enough, but three 'pires, will be murder.”

Jake dropped his gaze and shuffled his feet. “She'll have Tommy and Adrian to help her.”

The general nodded and raised his arms. “I think it's about time.” He jumped down from the tree and landed near the captain.

Jake ran across the branch and somersaulted into the air. He landed a few feet away and started to creep forward. The campsite looked deserted as the group approached the door of a big fancy hut and stopped by the wall at the back of it.

The captain peered inside the dark room. “I take it that's him in the coffin.”

Jake nodded and looked around before he pushed the door open and walked in.

The general marched up to the box and opened the lid. An old man with sharp canine teeth lay on the purple silk linen with a silk pillow under his head. He groaned but didn't open his eyes.

The general closed the coffin and turned to the two soldiers in the doorway. “Right you two, pick him up but be careful.”

The two soldiers hoisted the coffin onto their shoulders and turned towards the door.

Jake frowned. This was too easy. His grandfather was too important not to have a guard or two. Even if they weren't vamps, he'd have creature... a dragon or a...

The captain turned the handle and eased the door open...

“Where’re you going with our king, human?” an ogre spat.

Jake peered over the shoulder of the soldiers and his eyes opened wide as he saw five young ogres with swords in their hands.  


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