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This work has reached the exceptional level
When no one believes......


by Begin Again

Kidnapped! Contest Winner 

“Daddy, help him…”  

Danny’s gut twisted. He’d tried everything.

They’d been through a lot. He’d been shot and confined to bed. His wife died from an aneurysm. Randy started wetting the bed and having nightmares.

“It’ll run its course.”

"He’s grieving; give him time.”

"It’s natural.”

He’d heard it all. It didn’t matter. His son needed his help. He didn’t know what to do.

                                                           * * * * * * *

Morning skies were gray. He stared out the window while Randy nibbled on a piece of toast.

Without looking up, the boy asked, “Do you see him?”

“See who?”

“The boy in the window.” He pointed toward the neighboring house.

“No one lives there. It’s boarded up.”

“He does! In the attic.”

“You playing tricks on me?”

“No! I knew you wouldn’t believe me.” Head sagging, he climbed off the chair.

Danny’s heart splintered. He scooped Randy into his arms.

“You’re just like that officer. He said I was wrong about Mommy being sick.”

Tears welled in Danny’s eyes. He dialed his boss's number..

“Hey, Cap. It’s Danny.”

“You and the boy okay?”

“We’re working on it. The little guy’s still having nightmares.That’s the reason  I’m calling. Need a favor.”

“How can I help?”

“Randy insists someone’s in the attic next door.”

“Ain’t that house boarded up?”

“”It is, but he insists someone’s there. Maybe Frankie and Lou could swing by and take a look. Five minutes is all I’m asking. Just a quick look.”

“Sure, why not.”

“Thanks, Cap. I owe you.”

Several hours later, a squad car arrived.

 “Hey, Frankie. Lou. Appreciate you checking out the place.”

“Uncle Frankie!”  Randy scrambled down the steps. “You going to crack this case wide open?”

Ruffling the boy’s hair, he smiled,  “Well, me and Lou are following up on a pretty important lead. We gotta check it out.”

Randy  jumped up and down. “That’s my lead, Uncle Frankie. I told dad. Can I come? I want to come.”

“You know not every lead pans out. We might be wrong about this. Maybe no one’s  there, but this is official business so you have to stay here with your dad.”

Indignant, the boy muttered,  “OK, but we’re not wrong!”.

“Let Frank and Lou do their job. Let’s get coffee and cookies ready."

“They won’t have time,Daddy. They’re about to crack a case wide open.”

The two men shared understanding looks.  They walked toward the dilapidated house.

Moments later, Frankie stepped onto the porch. A boy clung to him.

Lou yelled into his radio, “Can’t believe it, Cap. Sure looks like the Wilson kid. Kidnapped about six months ago. Better get CSI over here.”

“Told you, Dad."

Writing Prompt
You are challenged to write a story about a kidnapping. Maximum word count is 500 words.

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