Mystery and Crime Flash Fiction posted April 26, 2015

This work has reached the exceptional level
a short story about a kidnap victim


by RodG

"How did you get away? Is your captor still alive? Did the SWAT team hurt you?" the reporters clamored.

A dozen raced around the squad car to get closer to Claire and me. The four uniforms with sticks in hand didn't deter these madmen.

A woman shoved forward, screaming, "Let her talk to us!"

"No!" I growled. "Let us through."

She backed off, but pushed her camera man between us. I shouldered him away as Claire cowered at my side.

The station house was no less chaotic. My partner Cody waited at our desk, his face inscribed with questions. Wisely, he said nothing until all three of us were in an interrogation room.

"Sarge sent for County Services. Should we wait?" Cody asked.

"What do you think?" I said, pointing at Claire.

She'd slumped onto a ladder-back chair, her chin lolled on its top rung. Although the collar of a gray sweater hid half her face, dark eyes stared vacantly at the two-way mirror.

I spun into a chair beside her while Cody grabbed one across the battered table. A pathetic creature, Claire remained oblivious to our presence even after the social worker arrived.

I'd worked with Susan before and welcomed her expertise. After giving Claire but a glance, she glared at Cody and me.

"What did you guys do to her?"

"Nothing," I replied. "She's been like that since I found her."

"Where? How? Give me all the details." She pulled a notebook from her purse.

"I was off duty talking to a CI who'd seen shadows in windows of an abandoned building. Foolishly, I went to investigate alone and got shot at. Called back-up and waited till--"

"Her story! Get to it!"

I sighed and eyed my gawking partner silent.

"Two squads and a SWAT team came. We exchanged fire, then found the perp bleeding in an upstairs apartment. I found her chained to a bed wearing that sweater. Cleaned her up and --"

"Who identified her?"

"Another off-duty detective who'd been looking for her and caught the squeal on his radio."

"You're sure that wounded creep kidnapped her?"

I shrugged.

"We'll get her medical attention and counseling. Hopefully, she can testify soon."

"No--ooo," I groaned. "She can't."

"Why not?"

I glanced at Cody who had the same quizzical look in his eyes as Susan.

"Because that--that son of a bitch cut out her tongue!"

Kidnapped! writing prompt entry
Writing Prompt
You are challenged to write a story about a kidnapping. Maximum word count is 500 words.

The portrait of "Claire" is courtesy of Google images.

A CI is a confidential informer. A person often paid under the table by a cop for information.
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