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The brush off

A chapter in the book Reflections Of Color

Tonight You Had To Call Me

by Brett Matthew West

Tonight You Had To Call Me

She didn't lock her door. She just blew out of the house like a tornado. I mean, it was like something I ain't never seen before. Now here it is about 2 o' clock the next morning and the telephone's ringing long and loud. You got it. It was her. I listened to her story and this is all I had to say.

Tonight you had to call me cause you don't know what to do
The love you left me for, Girl, just walked out on you
I can hear your hesitation ringing through the line
You tell me that you're lonely, and, you wanna know my mind

Do I take you back, Girl, after what you did to me
There's no easy way to say this you made a memory out of me
Let me think this over. Make sure I understand
Do you really think you're talking to a crazy, lonely man

Well, I got over you, Girl, after I cried all my tears
Losing you, and your sweet love, was once my biggest fear
I gave you my tomorrows like a thousand yesterdays
You wanted more than I could give so we went our separate ways

You never seemed to notice how much I really care
Every time I need you I know you won't be there
Love should be so easy. It's not a hard thing to do
Can you please tell me why I lost the love I had with you

(Then bold and brazen I told her):

Go on and find somebody who can do the things I do
You said that you could live without the love I gave to you
but, don't come crying to me when he breaks your heart again
So many times it happens we let love come to an end

You never thought I'd find a way to tell you goodbye
With these new wings you gave me I need some room to fly
High above the heartaches you left here behind
Before this day is over you'll be the last thing on my mind.

(And then I said):

Night time falls around me, and, I know that I'm alone
The only sound I'm hearing is you still on the phone
You can't believe I told you the words I had to say
Well, it wasn't me, Sweet Baby, who walked out on me today

(And, I hung up the phone saying):

So, remember when you're lonely, and, you got no place to go
love is still the sweetest place you're ever gonna know
Forget about the good times they're all gone with the wind
I feel no obligation to let your love back in

(No, she didn't lock her door, but, I sure did)

She didn't lock her door writing prompt entry
Writing Prompt
Write a poem or short story beginning with the words 'She didn't lock her door...' This may stand alone or be a part of a sentence. Maximum word count: 1,000.


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