Children Poetry posted March 16, 2015

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Children's Story In a Poem

What's To Find Within

by michaelcahill

Light had left the forest shrouded-dark with witch's wicked spells
and endless wells of grief filled hearts with doom and sounding screams
of hags on broomsticks cackling, creaking bones like hollow shells
encompassing the restless thoughts of sleeping children's dreams.
Cindy cried, "Oh fairy, fairy, where have you gone we need you now
the cauldron's boiling--witches chant our names. The days grow short
and night gains ground we've will to fight but don't know how
we've lost our way, (our doom they say) and we have no retort."
A tiny sprite besparkled bright alighted on a branch. "I hear you call
'tis me is all. The others hide in spellbound fright. It's up to us, you and I,
to break the curse, return the light. We can't fail or all will fall,
the children's fate to end as thralls to witches' curses—hope will die!
Esprie De Ghoulia flew by quick and fire shot hot from her broomstick
"You've not a chance against my might, look 'round quickly see your plight
enshrouded every limb and bough entombed will you be and right quick
the world is mine, the sun is gone, my rule, my way, my wicked blight!"
"I, Sonata Sprite, now take my wand and wonders plenty, to this brave one,
Cindy Splendid, bestow all my powers. With mystic dust from magic wand in hand
may this glitt'ring shield protect her true. And NOW the battle has begun!"
Cindy rose and flew on air no longer held by grip of land just as Sonata planned.
Esprie gurgled warnings deep with angry snarling tones and vowed to vanquish Cindy fast.
Fiery bolts came flying forth from gnarled fingertips, that Cindy blocked unmoved.
With a swift wave of her small hand, Cindy set afire the sky, a blinding blast.
Though brighter than sun's light, not a thing was burned, but the witch had been reproved!
Esprie flew wild and sightless in this blinding bright display and crashed into an oak tree, she screamed
"I curse you foul Sonata and this child you have empowered. All of my wickedness ending this way."
She dove down through a hole that opened in the ground and said, "This is not what I dreamed."
Within an eye-blink, daytime warmth returned, the forest resounded with laughter and play.
Cindy said, "How can I thank you my friend. For giving me the power to win in the end?"
Her fairy friend just smiled as she looked over the scene. "I gave you nothing child, nothing you see.
For all that you have and all that you are, my Splendid Cindy, is waiting inside you to send
I only helped you to believe in what's already true: inside every child there lives the good that evil flees."

Kids' Poetry writing prompt entry
Writing Prompt
Please write a poem, suitable for young children, of any length or style, but it MUST include A WITCH and A FAIRY. It may include anything else you wish.

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