General Poetry posted February 27, 2015

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Feral Garnishments

by pearlecat

The author has placed a warning on this post for language.
I have a feral mind
I castrate no emotion
I spray my feelings
anywhere I want to leave my mark

and I love my scent
down there

humans are cheated

what's better than
burying your face
in that beautiful
musky perfume
that is only yours

I love the smell of mine

I lay across the bed
in a spotlight of sun
breathing deep

and free.

Now the rich
they live on leashes

they are more desirous

of having

than of being

just eternal
empty children really

when I'm feeling hungry
I let one of them take me home

they love to take my kind
and clean em' up
taking liberties with the hands
and words they lay across me

after all

they figure I belong to them now

so they garnish this feral beautiful creature
in expensive baubles and what they believe
is a great opportunity for me
then they parade me amongst their kind

empty eyes pecking me
like a murder of well dressed crows


I play along
I got the dark secretive
mystery act down pat for them
I just tilt my head and look off in the distance
as they tell their artistically created tales
of how they discovered me

even rescued me


They're the ones in need of rescuing

then like all their toys

they grow bored

which works for me

I'm already longing
for my dark alleys

where smells are real
and at least filth is honest

and where raw
is not only preferred
but tangible

aaah the passion in primitive mating
I can feel my back begin to arch
just thinking about it

I go to an alley on the hunt

prowling under favorable dark lighting
that smudges my sharp lines
licking the last of their caviar off my lips
with a rough tongue
and sharpening my claws

for the back of a good fuck.

The sun rises

I take a nap

these parallel lives of feral freedom
and pampered pet wearing on me

leaving me too cleaned up for one world
and too dirty for the other

I suddenly feel heavy

then as if on cue

I hear Bohemian hisses

bringing me back
in time for the last square of sun

I pour her a bowl of the rich peoples milk
and set it on the sill while
slipping off her leash and collar

maybe I wish I were a cat

but no

I'm just a silly woman
searching for her lost savagery
in feline garnishments

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