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With Wonder of Woven Words

by dejohnsrld (Debbie)

Our woven words form a powerful connection, a sharing of thoughts, images and emotions. Through the simple strokes of quill and ink, the head and hand of the writer are, at least briefly, combined with the heart and soul of the reader. Through this minute merging, both are left slightly changed.
If each day we share a positive message with three to four others, and they in turn share this message with a few more, a cycle of positive thinking can be created, eventually changing how the world views an issue such as the increased acceptance of persons with disabilities.
With the wonder of woven words, we have the possibility of sharing thoughts, images, emotions, and to work toward societal change. By exchanging our writings, we give to others small pieces of ourselves and by gaining a small piece of theirs, we develop many loving and nurturing relationships.

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A Celebration of Poetry
Poetry reflects beauty
a splendid palette
painted on canvas with words
Poetry is an orchestra
with melody emanating
from the heart and soul
Poetry is a vibrant flower
starting from a small thought
which when cultivated, blossoms
Poetry is creativity
inspired by the most unusual
circumstances in life
Poetry is gentle, but strong
holding great meaning
in its powerful lines
Poetry is variable
beautiful sometimes
shocking at others
Poetry is emotional release
whether sad or glad it is
therapeutic and healing
Poetry is communication
support and friendship
among fellow writers
Poetry is love and connection
as we exchange with others
thoughts shared nowhere else
Poetry keeps us centered
as we soul-search
seeking authenticity
Poetry is a way of thinking
a way of being
a way of living



Each year, my writing group creates an anthology for a 'Recovery in the Arts' presentation. The initial prose is new to FS, the poem has been previously posted. These together are the introductory piece to this year's anthology, 'Our Woven Words'.
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