Mystery and Crime Poetry posted February 25, 2015

This work has reached the exceptional level
Revenge is sweet

One Day I Sat Alone

by -KTP-

One day I sat alone
Staring out over the endless tides of blue.
Dark thoughts scouring for a moan,
As my mind 's eye focused on Nature's hue.

Incessant honking, sirens, and colored lights plagued the night.
As I sat there, peering out into the world I left.
My neighbors came by hiding sympathy for my plight.
Ever confused as to my serene chin's cleft.

A crowd grew anxious for a show.
I sensed a uniformed officer approach me.
Her energy vibrated with a dull maroon glow.
I blinked at this new energy I could see.

She stopped mid step as she watched my reaction.
I looked down at my hands and found them full of blood.
My once serene face quivered with curious reflection.
She reaches down to her hip, as her mouth opens like a blossoming bud.

Her mouth moved but her words I did not hear.
That voice so sweet, so pure, so near!
"Where are you my love!"
My face twists to the sky as I hear her from above.

It was only then that I heard the officer's words.
As my eye wanders to a man's body bleeding at my feet.
"Put it down Mr. Birds!
We all know you got him beat!"

My body quivers as images flash through my mind.
My wife, tied to the bed. My son's door kicked in.
Serenity flushes from me as rage begins to unwind.
A man lies over her on my bed, doing his cardinal sin.

The rage surges as my scream erupts throughout the night.
My neighbors fallback as the officer grabs her gun.
I see her gun, and confusion set me right.
Again her voice! Telling me not to run.

Her sweet voice yearned me to drop the knife,
I instantly react, as the knife falls to the ground.
The officer sees this and takes a few steps, wary of strife.
I look and see all the pained faces around.

The officer pats me down, as my eye wanders to heaven's gate.
"I am sorry dear!" was all I could say.
Her voice sweetly answered in a tone definitively innate.
"We love you dear, please find your way."

The officer puts my hands behind me as she places the cuffs.
A new voice pours from heaven's roughs.
"I love you Dad. We are finally safe.
Now go and find your way to us, without anymore strafe."

His pure words shocked me to the core,
As water gushed from my long dry shores.
My emotional rigidness was no more,
Leaving the sadness and grief free to explore.

Only then did I see all the brighter blue hues,
Of my comforting neighbors and friends.
There to mend what they could from life's blues.
That was when I knew, that love never ends.

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